Stephen bingham

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Awesome Totally amazing bro. Was a third year at UGA term 2 2011 was given the soul of the fourth year Ryan lang, which is basically his legacy. Fourth year Sarah Carag left him her legacy, which is being short and awesome.

Stephen is the TIP pimp. All the girls are all over him. He knows every single girl at camp and they all love him. Stephen is amazing.

Stephen is the recipient of the infamous Monster Can With Flower. He has gotten the can two years in a row, and hopefully will continue the tradition next year as a super BA Fourth Year. Stephen used to have a heart-shaped scar on his hand from salt and ice related shenanigans, but sources say that it has faded. He also threw up in his smoothie after getting salt during Sugar Shots, which was HILARIOUS.

iloveyou stephen<3

Stephen loves his adopted zebra-but-occasionally-a-cheetah son Nalini Birbal <3