Sarah Carag

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Sarah Carag was an epic tipster that went to ASU first year and UGA the other three. Her best friend is Olivia Baker. They started the LezlationTIP. Her other BFF is Trenton Couture. She loves hanging out with them in the piano room and making him play the same songs over and over while attempting to record them. Her fourth year, she was dropped on the concrete, actually she was kind of thrown, during the Amazing Race by Trent. But being the beast she is, she continued to partake in the task and carried Olivia across the toxic river. She survived the fall with only a strained muscle (diagnosed by her sports med teacher) and mild scrapes. She is one of the few gingers with a soul and i will miss her so much -stephen She has problems with seperating herself from wrestlng camp, and candy doesn't agree with her. Especially in the hands of William Doran Flynn. She likes having her breakfast paid for her at Beanstalk, and I couldn't possibly love her more. She is beyond amazing, and I miss her very, very much. She has yet to tell Austin Donmoyer what she left for him in her fourth year will. -Austin<3


  • First Year: ASU, Theater arts
  • Second Year: UGA, Philosophy (aka, philospohy)
  • Third Year: UGA, Pharmacology
  • Fourth Year: UGA, Sports Medicine