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Offered 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017
Campus(es) Duke West, UGA
Instructor(s) Gayatri (Duke West), Jen (UGA), Jamie (UGA)
TA(s) Meg (Duke West), Shaker (UGA), Ryan (UGA)

Pharmacology was a class at Duke West in 2007. It was also offered at the University of Georgia in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2017. It provided an overview of the field of pharmacology and its relationship to health, disease, and society.


Instructor: Gayatri
T.A.: Meg

Inside Jokes

  • "Two cheeseburgers = :)"; the fact that the dopamine levels in the brain during orgasm is approximately equivalent to twice the dopamine level measured whilst eating a cheeseburger was revealed in a documentary about methamphetamine, causing the class to go into hysterics.
  • "Imagine... a pink elephant"; this was our instructor demonstrating how fast action potentials fire by our imaginging a pink elephant.
  • "Rats on coke"; we were so lucky as to watch live rats being injected with a solution of cocaine and then observe their behavior for a half-hour.


Instructor: Jen
T.A.: Shaker

  • Suhani
  • Sam
  • Sarah Carag
  • Emma Cooley
  • Sarah Saltier
  • Adam "Scissors" Riley
  • Michaela Davis
  • Hayley Mills
  • Bria Johnson
  • Carmel Ibeawuchi
  • Crystan McLymore (4th)
  • Re'nay (4th)
  • Kelly Stoyer (4th)
  • Helen Colliton (4th)
  • Brian Taylor (4th)


The class was extremely information based and most of the time in class was spent taking notes. Whether it be a lecture, a project presentation, or a guest speaker, notes were necessary. However, there was still fun to be had with some labs as well as a dissection of a rat.

Inside Jokes

  • Meeting for lunch. Almost every day we met at a different time.
  • Drugs not hugs. Our class motto.
  • The story about Viagra. "They could just not figure out why the test subjects weren't returning the drug..."
  • Now watch me get constipated!
  • Geet.
  • Scissors. And the fact that the scissors were lost on the last day.


Instructor: Abel Kusovski TA: Rebecca Gruver Erin Thomas Sam Gray Luna Waldrop Natalia Badger Suleiky Guerrero Madison Stuart Belle Lopez Rachel Ijames Sahil Patel Chloe Ricks Joia Herbert Emily Haynie Paula Sommerville Luna Waldrop Taylor DeVault Aminah Anderson Indya Thompson


This class is known for..well, a lot of things, to a degree. Ummm...

This class took a lot of field trips, laid outside in the sun every 45 minutes or so, stole Abel's pens, had issues, and took many many pages of notes. They didn't like to walk (therefore taking the bus frequently) and mercilessly teased Sahil Patel. They ended up naming Sahil Sasha so Abel could say 'girls' and include Sahil (Salt) at the same time. Thus, the iconic phrase "Ladies and Salt!" was born.

They are also known for the iconic I <3 DRUGS t-shirt, which was not authorized due to some standing rules and regulations regarding t-shirt content. I <3 RX was used instead, and stamped with the phrase "Teen Isolation Program" on the back.


Instructor: Jamie Stone

TA: Ryan Burke, a.k.a Rye Bread, Rye Rye, the best TA on campus

  • Clarence Burke
  • Rachel Simmons
  • Brooklyn Niravong
  • Sarah Clark
  • Claire Turner
  • Alyssa Bernstein
  • Cailan Jefferson
  • Marley Price
  • Nicolette Barbee
  • Caitlyn Seletos
  • Aaysia Henley
  • Ginny Flory
  • Grant Sobkowski
  • Jake Hall
  • Kim O'Brien
  • Nalin Srivastava
  • Taylor Giles
  • Sadie Kopleman


This class, made up of mostly 4th year girls, spent their time laughing about narcotics, writing on sticky notes, playing Mao, rapping about cell membranes, and riding the bus with(out) their TA back from Summit (it only happened once, don't freak).

Inside Jokes

  • the belly button
  • Drugs R Us
  • All the Ryan Quotes
  • 'Where's my pharm at?" "MOOoOoOoOOoOoooOOo"
  • counting wrong KILLS people
  • Schleep and the Schleep-o-meter
  • post-lunch naps at Summit
  • the opioid epidemic
  • "It's Maui-Wowee time!!!"