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By: Lily Cate Hunter Kenny’s Krew was an iconic (more iconic than Troy Bolton) East term 1 2019 RC group by Kira Harris. Kira will be a sophomore at Washington University for the 2019-2020 year. This was Kira’s first year as an RC and this group made it special for her. The name of the group originated from the janitor who was never seen by any members of the group. Edit: Anna Walker’s eyes were apparently once blessed by his presence. (His name was written on the housekeeping door so the group name was dedicated in his honor).This group consisted of the most well-behaved 2nd and 3rd years on campus (according to Kira). Even a few relics were passed down to this RC squad. Kenny’s Krew was also the 2019 scavenger hunt runner up.

Worth Mentioning----


Also Kira made iconic t-shirts


Hannah Dubow

Anna Walker


Macie Richard(hehe)son

Lily Cate Hunter

Carolyn Lanford

Kavi Pandya

Anna Chen

Pixley Marshjqjqnwjdhdquart

Olivia Bent


Lindsay G.

(Macie Richard(hehe)son and Lily Cate were the iconic residents of Room 123)

Notable Members

  • just putting it out there that each and every one of you is notable!!*

•Lindsay G.~ was passed down the fairy wings relic for the 2019-2020 term

•Anna Walker ~ was passed down the Annabeth Chase hat relic for the 2019-2020 term

Fallen Soldiers

  • what was once unofficially the Fabulous Fourteen turned into the less fab but still fab twelve after about the first week*

•Aarya ~ has the BEST style and had to leave after one (1) week but plans to return for her 4th year

•Alex ~ really nice but she never responded to our texts after leaving; we still love her and hope to see her next year, though!

RC group nights

  • Kira made sure to plan the best possible group nights even though admin was strict and wouldn’t let the tipsters leave campus*
  1. 1: movie night <6/12/19> the girls decided to spend the night fangirling over Tom Holland in Spider-Man Homecoming. No one blames them though. It is to be noted that Lily Cate spent three (3) dollars on that movie because it wasn’t on Netflix.
  2. 2: freedom tunnel <6/19/19> this is the place where the rebellious side of the rebellious girls in the rebel group came out and spray painted this tunnel rebelliously.
  3. 3: Whole Foods <6/26/19> somehow Kira found a loophole in the “no going off campus” rule and her RC group went to Whole Foods. It is to be noted that Anna Chen and Lily Cate Hunter must have left their brain cells back on campus because they spent a good ten minutes searching for fake eyelashes for TIP Prom in a health foods supermarket. It is also the place where Macie was named clown of the day after dropping her potted plant and then running away. (Just because you’re illiterate doesn’t mean you can do this, Macie.)

the Duke West Incident----

^^*this happened on the Whole Foods trip*^^

The tipsters were minding their own business when a group of 4th year West boys started walking alongside Kenny’s Krew. At one point one of the boys asked if Kira was currently a tipster. Of course, the group was mature during the whole walk/incident and DID NOT ask for OR EXCHANGE any of the 4th years’ Snapchats OR receive any later. AHEM, Hannah.

Group Numbers

The rest of the RC groups were lame and didn’t count off, but Kenny’s Krew was iconic, so they did.


2–Anna W.


4–Anna C.





9–Lily Cate





The Game Incident----

One day, the girls were minding their own business playing CAH when an uncool RC walked info the common room and announced that Cards Against Humanity was banned. The girls were devastated...but they were tipsters. (Aka they were smart). That night was spent by most of Kenny’s Krew sitting on towels spread out on the bathroom floor with the contraband cards in secrecy. Any time someone would go to open the door from the outside, the group would pretend to be crying while hiding the cards. Most of the time, though, it was just Carolyn.

The Closet Incident----

Around 10:20 p.m. on 6/23/19 Anna Walker took a few steps into Pixley’s room to retrieve something. Pixley peeked outside the door to make sure the coast was clear, but to her surprise, Kira and another RC were standing directly beside Pixley’s door. At this point she began to panic and told Anna to hide in her closet (which was bigger than most rooms by the way). While all this was occurring Pixley was simultaneously texting both Macie and Lily Cate frantically. They tried everything to get the two RCs away from the door for even a second, asking for trash bags and the like, but nothing worked. Things were heated even more when ANOTHER RC AND THE HALL DIRECTOR showed up and began talking to Kira. At this point, Lily Cate was sure that they were done for and that Kira and her friends were waiting Pixley and Anna out. Anna was determined to make it out alive. The 3 RCs went to the vending machine and the hall director went into her room (adjacent to Pixley’s corner room) to grab something. Anna shot out of that room faster than tipsters to the American Pie circle and all was well. When mentioning this to Kira on amnesty night, she claimed she had no idea, and that the 4 admins outside the door was just a coincidence.

The Banana Incident----


Edit: in the words of Kavi “Hannah ate th{sic} banana like that first lol I did not like it”

The Icon Incident----

Let’s preface this by saying Sydney is not too familiar with pop culture (sorry Sydney). One night at dinner, Pixley made a reference to Troy Bolton, saying that he was the most iconic man alive. Sydney then followed up with “who’s Troy Bolton” immediately offending everyone at the table. For the next ten or so minutes she bombarded everyone at the booth with various questions about who Troy Bolton is, all worded differently. The only answers she received go as follows:

•”only the most iconic man alive”

•”he was iconic because he was an icon

•”he was born an icon, lived an icon, and died an icon”

•”his job was to be iconic”

Many more responses were given before Kira noticed the commotion and told Sydney who Troy actually was.

Superlatives and Catchphrases

  • a list of the superlatives and catchphrases of each memeber of Kenny’s Krew

• Kenny~ “.....”

>>> "Most likely to not show up to RC meetings."

• Macie~ “I’m illiterate” “I AM mr. brightside”

>>> “Most likely to be coming out of her cage and she’ll be doing just fine.”


>>> “Most likely to be 3 steps ahead, literally”

• Anna Chen~ “I’m nocturnal”

>>> “Most likely to wear UNC Merch at Duke”

• Anna Walker~ “can you play King Princess?”

>>> “Most likely to friendly slap people

• Carolyn~ “we STAN”

>>> “Most likely to reference a deceased donkey”

• Hannah~ “I lost my high tops NOT THE VANS” also “[REDACTEDREDACTEDREDACTED]” also “Tyler the creator is my God”

>>> “Most likely to be making TikToks at 3am

• Kavi~ “yay Raj doesn’t like me!!”

>>> “Most likely to dominate the morning run”

• Lily Cate~ “I gO To ThE NuMbEr OnE HIgH SChoOL iN AmerICa” "I lost my airpods/lanyard" "Macie, you can take off your lanyard now"

>>> “Most likely to wanna play sicko mode r Obama”

• Lindsay~ “Pilf” haha sorry Lindsay

>>> “Most likely to produce a song of self made sound effects”

• Olivia~ >>> “Most likely to get emotionally invested in TV shows”

• Shivani~ “I’m lazy hahahah”

>>> “Most likely to sleep for 24 hours straight”

•Sydney~ “legit nothing just her cackle itself”

>>> “Most likely to squeak, cackle, French! (Rice Krispies)”