Courtney Moberley

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Courtney Moberley
Courtney holding the Llama
Campus(es) Duke East term II
Attended 2011-2013
Course(s) Words that Matter, 'Topias, Politics in the Middle East
RAG(s) Amy, Hannah, Tara
Roommate(s) Gabriella Burns
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Courtney Moberley is a blonde bombshell, a mother goose, and an amazing friend. Her legacy at TIP will forever reflect her qualities of being extremely loyal, loving, inclusive, flirtatious, and proactive. She was handed down the title of Second Floor Whore/Woman (SFW) for her fourth year, which she ultimately bestowed upon Riley Knight. Courtney continued a tradition of a "family," in which she was married to Michael Kovasala and adopted Nicole Googe as their daughter. Courtney attended Duke East campus for all three of her TiP terms

Second Year: 2011

As a first year-second year, Courtney took Words That Matter: Rhetoric Persuasion and Debate. Supposedly, she and Emma are the reason they took debate out of the title. Courtney was a part of Amy's rag in Alspaugh dorm where she became close friends with Ashwini Krishnamurthy and was a part of the "Fab Five" with Ashwini, Nastasya, Elizabeth, and Claudia. She had a relationtip with Michael Kovasala that lasted until the first dance, when she left him for Constantine. One week, Chilling on the Quad was offered for a Sunday activity. Courtney took her bikini, tanning oil, and blanket onto the quad and had tanned for approximately 3 minutes before being chased down by Sydney and told to put clothes on.

Third Year: 2012

Courtney took Utopia, Dystopia, Myopia: Philosophical Perspectives on the Technological Age. She was in Hannah's rag in Brown and had relationtips with Drake Breeding for most of camp, and Dylan Cooney, along with hookups with assorted members of the dorm inbetween.

Fourth Year: 2013

Finally, Courtney took Democratization and Polarization: Politics in the Middle East during her 4th year and she was in Tara's rag on the first floor of Alspaugh. Her roommate was Gabriella Burns, and together they stayed up eating food (including Courtney's $113 worth of snacks). During every meal, especially lunch, Courtney brought Tony's seasoning with her and put it on practically everything. Courtney had a low key relationtip with her love James Sadlo, and ended up dating Sam Feldman for the duration of term.

Courtney was known for having tremendous TIP spirit, and being a loving and inclusive person. She was always the designated go-to person and leader for traditions. During her 4th year at TIP, Courtney was very active in organizing and choreographing an act for Tipsync with the assistance of Kelsey Powers and Hailey Wozniak. She spent almost every one of her free times coaching a herd of 4th year boys for their "Varsity Twerk Team" act. She was extremely patient and was a mother and sister figure for boys who knew almost nothing about dancing. Courtney was so dedicated that after the Varsity Twerk Team did not place in Tipsync, she cried, but her loyal and grateful twerk team consoled her and all was good.

Courtney's room was the place to go for Wear-A-Skirt Wednesday: she lended dresses and skirts to many boys and even did their makeup. For Quadfest, Courtney, Ellison Hersch, and Kelsey Powers came up with an amazing chant and presentation that led Alspaugh to victory! They taught the entire dorm of 4th years (and one 3rd year rag) a beat, and lyrics about TIP to the song "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons. Speaking of Dragons, Courtney spent much of her time making tshirts for the Laser Dragons frisbee team in the common room. Sometimes during lunch, Courtney and her friends would make a "Big Nasty" sandwich in the dining hall and make one of the boys eat it, not hesitating to spread lots of Tony's all over it. For the traditional Doctor-Doctor skit for the Talent Show, Courtney, Ellison, and Kelsey spent much of their time in the Annex of Alspaugh with scripts, helping every fourth year find a part in the skit.

Anyone who met Courtney should consider themselves lucky. She is a girl with a lot of strength, and a lot of llove. She kept TIP deeply rooted in spirit and she was the girl everyone looked up to as a sexy mother goose. She is a blonde goddess with a warm spirit and presence that fills the room. It's hard not to fall in love with her and want her to be your best friend. Courtney is a beautiful person inside and out and she changed many peoples' lives at TIP. She never hesitated to educate a new tipster about a tradition and made people go outside their comfort zone and embrace the soul of Duke TIP. Courtney will be dearly missed at TIP, but her legacy lives on through the SFW and her family.

Preceded by:
Emma Starr and Jackie Keaton
Second Floor Whore (SFW) Succeeded by:
Riley Knight