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While the rhyming phrase "hipster TiPster" has been uttered on many an occasion, it was popularized at TiP East term 1 2010 by the TAs Mel Weyant and James Hicks (arguably the hippest staff members), especially after James set it to a tune. The term was used in description of a certain group of TiPsters at that term who shared a love of plaid, underground music, brightly colored headphones, Buzz Lightyear belts, and acting like dinosaurs. While at first the rest of the TiPsters were unsure of how to receive this new breed, they were very soon respected and recognized by most. Although a hip disposition might suggest that the hipster TiPsters estranged those that were not of their kind, they are actually very friendly to their less hip classmates and do a lot of mingling, hence a certain third year hipster TiPster receiving the esteemed pink stilettos. The phrase was usually used to talk about Madeleine Hill, Mitch Loflin, and/or Carly Bloomfeld, who were usually not called by an actual name when being talked about with Madeleine being called "blonde hipster TiPster," Carly "brown-haired hipster TiPster," and Mitch being called "hipster TiPster," but there were a variety of hipster TiPsters.

In term 2 2010 the third floor rag members of Bassett declared that it would be Hipster Tipster Tuesday during tip spirit week. The day was deemed a slight success, filled with fourth years looking properly apathetic.

The term "INDIEINDIEINDIEINDIEINDIEINDIEINDIEINDIEINDIE" was coined to describe any reference that was in any way, shape, or form hipster. Andrew Jarnagin, fourth year hipster extraordinaire, was the undisputed master of delivering the indieindieindieindieindieindieindieindie. However, Tricia Johnson believes that the term should be shortened to indieindieindie, due to the ironic nature of triangles.

Other Noteworthy Hipster TiPsters of East Term 1:

Madeleine Hill (as noted above, the original hipster tipster)

Amar Reddy

Isaiah Stackleather

Alison Lui

John-Francis Villines

Kate Westman

Matt Robertson

Emily Cotten

Kate Gibson

Emily Foxman

Cheng-wei Lo

Zoƫ Canaras

(Also note at Trinity Term II 2012 there was another "Hipster TiPster", except this one wielded a bass and a fedora. Ask anyone who was there. They know.)

(Another noteworthy Hipster TiPster was TA Tommy Martin at Trinity Term II 2018)