James Hicks

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James Hicks is a longtime staff member, working as a fourth-year RC in 2008 and a TA in 2009 and 2010 (for Writing With Power and Symbols and Structure, respectively), and may or may not have been a Term I TiPster in 2003 and 2004. He is known for saying "mmkay" and "Does that make sense?" too often to be considered healthy. He's a pretty cool guy with a booming voice (hence his nickname "The Iron Diaphragm"), which he notoriously uses for bellowing "HEY TIPSTERS!" and "It's about that time!" James may or may not love the song "Fish Heads" because it is hip like he is.

He was probably the second most famous TA of 2010 after Peter Sloan. He knows that Mel Weyant may think she should come in second place, but he also knows that this is little more than a pipe dream. But we all know that Mel is right in her thoughts and she is in-fact the second most famous TA, despite what James thinks.

He is notorious for his overuse of the phrases "mmkay" and "Does that make sense?" while leading discussions about dead white French men. His Term II 2010 Symbols and Structure class counted 107 mmkays and 20 DTMS in a 30-minute period, and, from that sample, it is predicted that he would emit 23,112 mmkays and 4,320 DTMS if he were to teach the entire term at these rates.

James is the self-proclaimed greatest jello-snarfler in TIP history and has the power to tell which TiPsters edit his page based on the details they choose to include. He also finds editing their atrocious grammar an ethical obligation, which is quite unfortunate because Alli Schloeman believes that poor grammar gives a page character.

As a in 2004, James slept in the same bed as and the same room as Peter Sloan, though one might note that, as a Term I TiPster, he was there first.