Robbie Powell

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Robbie Powell
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2008 - 2011
Course(s) Architecture, International Relations, Political Cultures and Countercultures
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Robbie Powell is an incredible Tipster who everyone on East can agree is one of the coolest guys ever. He received the great honor of Lazer Dragon captain-hood and the light-up Frisbee from David Freed and Nico Lake. Robbie goes by many names, some of which are Bill Clinton, Stud, and Cap'n.

His second year at Davidson he was in Architecture and was best friends with Danny Borstelmann. Third year he took East by storm, and was part of the incredible International Relations class where he played the part of Bill Clinton and met Nico Lake (also known as Hillary Clinton...). Robbie and Nico's bromance is still talked about today, and it is quite possible that no two Tipsters can beat it. That year Robbie was part of the Lazer Dragons and played on the team that won the legendary 15-3 student-staff game of the Annual Student Ultimate Tournament. His performance earned him the captain-hood and the nickname of Stud.

In summer of 2011, Robbie got the much-anticipated orange lanyard (even though he was often seen wearing a pink one) and returned to East as a fourth-year. He took PCult where he learned all about boys with gold in their souls. Every Tipster who knows what's good for them will do anything they can to earn "five points" from him. Under the new nickname of Cap'n Robbie led the Lazer Dragons to Ultimate victory, and crushed the staff as expected. On the last night Robbie relinquished the Frisbee and captain-hood to Garrett Snyder.

Preceded by:
David Freed
Lazer Dragons Captain Succeeded by:
Garrett Snyder--Jackson Schaap