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William David Hartter is a TIP-STAR. He spent three.5 summers at TIP and was one of the most epic TIPsters to ever grace Kilgo quad. He spells "Wil" with one L because his mother wants him to have a 3-lettered nickname. He loves shoes almost as much as he loves Sydney Britton. He lives in rural Georgia as a farmer and spends his days making up rhymes with Veir Patel to pass the time. He will grow into being the first white farmer rapper to ever make the bigtime. Remember his name.

Wil first went to TIP as a first year first year in 2010 at Davidson Term 1. He took Architecture, but had to leave after his first week. (no worries, it's not because he got kicked out. that comes later. (jk)) He then went to Davidson Term 1 again in 2011 where he was in Captain Fun (Evan)'s RAG and took Intro to Lab Sciences. This is where he first met Zac Lewis. Come summer of 2012 Wil went to West Term 1 where he took Stone(r)s and Bone(r)s while in Stephen's RAG. This RAG was known for the infamous Haroon 5. HAROON ON YOU!!! For his fourth year, Wil then returned to West Term 1 in 2013 and took Electrical Engineering. He was in Kyle Dzwonkowski's RAG.


Wil Hartter was one of the most enthusiastic TIPsters I have ever personally met. Along with breaking the rules his fair share of times, he also took many steps to be the most dedicated, legendary, and just plain crazy TIPster on campus. Examples include:

  • bringing over 20 tie dye Duke TIP West t shirts to camp his fourth year
    • keep in mind that while these shirts were extremely amazing, they were also quite, um... nasty. Wil did not go out and buy 20 new white t shirts. He simply found old shirts in his closet and used those. Ew.
  • not receiving an orange lanyard until halfway through the first week his fourth year because his mom didn't sign the form
  • APPLE JUICE!!! Oh, where to even begin with the apple juice. Both Wil and Zac Lewis were obsessed with apple juice during their time at TIP. This obsession started at Davidson 2011 with CVS brand apple juice, but only strengthened over their years. In 2013, Zac ended up bringing over 10 half-gallon jugs of apple juice for him and Wil to drink. These boys were very protective of their apple juice and did not like anyone else to drink it. If someone did, consequences ensued.
  • bringing over 15 pairs of shoes to West in 2013
  • during his fourth year, he came up with the idea of him and Zac inviting their dates to the last dance with a GIANT poster one night in the great hall
  • being an ultimate frisbee champion
  • playing on the ultimate Dream Team during his fourth year
  • wearing the most fly clothes on campus at West
  • having the most clothing items purchased from a thrift shop
  • getting locked out of the dorms at Davidson almost every night with Max Dierks
  • sneaking a girl into his room
  • spending the night in other TIPster's rooms (mostly guys)
  • having wall twerk parties with his fourth year RAG
    • videos of this were taken and later seen by the whole entire campus, and even featured in the end-of-the-year slideshow. It was legendary.
  • showerade with Zac Lewis

Sydney Britton

Sydney Britton and Wil Hartter. Wil Hartter and Sydney Britton. The most adorable relationTIP to ever exist at Duke TIP West. Where to begin? Sydney and Wil first met at Davidson 2011, though they barely knew each other. Wil first asked Sydney to the last dance in 2012, and they had a marvelous time. They kept in touch all year and when they were reunited at Kilgo in 2013, it was love. He was a fourth year, she was a third year. Wil and Sydney were known as the strongest and most perfect couple all term. He even brought her back flowers from his RAG night at Whole Foods. (Believe it or not, this happened twice.... once in 2012, once in 2013. He even got Zac Lewis in on it.) At the last dance of summer 2013, it was Sadie Hawkins... being that girl that she is, Sydney went out and bought a footlong Firehouse sub sandwich for Wil. On it, she wrote, "Will you go to the last dance with me?" Wil was in awe and accepted immediately. It was perfection. In Wil's fourth year Will, he used up all his remaining words to write "Sydney" over and over again.

Wil and Sydney were an absolutely perfect relationTIP couple. Their love lives on!!

We Miss You

Wil was an extremely enthusiastic TIPster who will be missed greatly by all. Everywhere he went he showered his surroundings with love and happiness. He may not have always been TIPpropriate, but he was loved greatly anyways. He caused quite a bit of trouble but always managed to make amends with that classic Georgia charm. We love you, Hartter WIl. <3