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The Haroon 5 were Stephen's RC group in Duke West Term 1 2012. Hear their name and weep, for Haroon shall watch you for the rest of your life.


  • Haroon the Amazing, teacher of God, he wants to go home. We all love you, Haroon.
  • Veir Patel, this guy was known to ruin a lot of Victor's meals and his amazing skills at beatboxing. He also made up some amazing stories, yelled "POOP" instead of curse words for the first week, and stuck an iHome in a Sunchips box and called it a "Boom Box".
  • Wil Hartter, farmer, defender of the Apple Juice.
  • Brandon, he who exits his room at awkward times, player of cards, the sane one, bringer of the ping-pong equipment.
  • Victor, he of the ruined meals, partner in crime of Michael, of the insane hair, overly dramatic. Also faster than Stephen in a sprint from one end of the Main Quad to the other.
  • Michael, of the large nose, Coach, Overly Dramatic, the responsible one.
  • Jonathan, the runner, lover of Steve Prefontaine, and randomly hides Twix for Stephen to find, currently owns John the bear.
  • Cole Thompson, what a sexy guy. Denies that everything is bigger in Texas.
  • Carson, brings popcorn for all the children.
  • Andrew, likes his fingernails painted black at all times.
  • Ryan, will ingest anything.
  • Brian, the realest person, the pimp.
  • Aitan, the one nobody knows anything about. He will viciously defend his friends.
  • Harry, the Quiet One. No one really liked Harry....not even his brother.
  • Stephen, he whose balls have dropped... many times. The greatest RC in the history of TIP.

What the Haroon 5 Did

  • Dramatic read loud enough to get complaints from the girls downstairs. (We're sorry, ladies. Forgive us!)
  • Fake slap each other, making it look very realistic.(Michael and Cole. Victor sometimes, but he ended up hurting the other two.)
  • Sing random songs at random moments, such as Under Pressure on the way back from Whole Foods, or Bohemian Rhapsody in the bathroom at 10:17 pm.
  • Be the rowdiest group of them all in the Great Hall.
  • Pull-ups. Lots of them. Thanks, Ryan, for bringing the pull-up bar.
  • Put together two desks with their extensions up, and then put oreo boxes between the two. With Brandon's equipment, Veir and Michael then played ping-pong for a full twenty minutes before dinner.
  • The Beat-Box line, where Michael, Veir, and Victor walked around in a line beat-boxing.

Memorable Quotes/Memes

  • Stephen: I dropped the ball on this one, guys.
  • Stephen: To win like a champion, you must fuel like a champion.
  • Steve Prefontaine
  • Haroon: Are we going home?
  • Stephen: I'll violate you.
  • Veir: Have I ever told you why I don't eat applesauce with a spoon?
  • Wil: That's how we do it on the farm.
  • Veir: (in a high-pitched child's voice) "My mommy says..."
  • Aitan: NOT MY FRIEND!
  • Victor: VEIR, you ruined my......
  • Veir: POOP