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"I want to go home." The Brilliance of the Magnificent HAROON

Haroon...there are no words to describe him.. He could kill you by looking at you. He could beat Chuck Norris in life. He did not even want to be here, instead prefering his castle in a far away.

Haroon knows all that goes on in Kentucky and all that there is in Kentucky. This includes the presence of Nashville. You probably thought that was in Tennessee. It isn't. He is well aware that NASCAR, KANTUUUCKY Fried Chicken, the KANTUUUCKY Derby, and all that goes on in Kentucky. Ever. He is also able to do an impecable and very loud Kantucky accent.

It was once said that in 2012 during term 1 at duke west, Haroon and the red team were defeated in quadfest by the green team. This ignorant nonbeliever clearly did not notice that Haroon shed his all-powerful grace upon the green team (which had come in dead last in 2011) and graciously allowed them to win. Haroon had blessed the red team in 2011 and carried them in his mighty arms all the way to a dominant victory. He had already proven his exceding masculinity, testicular massiveness, and strength in that victory and shed mercy on his weak competition, allowing the new and improved green team 2.0 (who had shown themselves to be the next best team in Haroon's eyes to his own) and therefore gave them the victory.

Part of the best RAG ever, the Haroon 5.

_Robert Epstein_ ~The Swagginest~