Top 10 Life Lessons Learned from TiP

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The Top 10 Life Lessons Learned from TiP (By JP Allen and Lauren Thomas, presented between acts at the East Term 1 2005 talent show.)

10. Ultimate good, football bad, soccer... acceptable.

9. There are two types of people in this world: the TIPsters and the Young Writers (ADFers don't count).

8. No matter where you roam, always know where your Snapple is.

7. Winning isn't everything (well, that really only counts for Basset).

6. Love thine enemies (e.g. Michael Jackson).

5. Walk a mile in someone else's skirt.

4. Stick it to the man! (Interpret that how you will...*)

3. All things in moderation, except chinese food.

2. If you fall into the boosh, get back up, then push someone else in.

1. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may have class, or be injured and have to go to the hospital.**

* A covert reference to the kicking out of Tess Schlaer.

** Term 1 05 was notorious for hospital visits. EDIT: Kate's RAG (first floor Alspaugh) during Term 1 05 had at least three (four, if this TIPster remembers correctly) hospital visits alone--two of which were in the same day. There was also at least one other hospital visit after Emily Cook broke her collarbone during human wheelbarrow at Quadfest.