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Also known as Swoosh or Sarah.

Famed for losing her pink birkenstock to the monster living in the circle quad at East Term 1 2004, she later went on to inspire TiPkind with her emotional poetry reading and speech at the end of Term 1 2005. This marked the end of the Golden Era of TiP, before Sam the OSC took to power, and the new visitation policy was enforced. With her free spirit and open mind, she embodied the essence of TiP and passed on her fairy wings to remind TiPsters of what it really means to be a TiPster at heart. She also taught a mandatory fun knitting class and loves you all.

She was also notorious for her unique dancing style, combining flailing limbs and just general Svuschiness.

She was one hell of a dancer at the National Cupcake Club rally in 2005.

It should be mentioned that at a Michael Jackson themed dance in Term 1 2005, she led TIPsters in a spectacularly thorough performance of the moves to the Prince of Pop's "Thriller." She got second place for a lip sync performance of that song along with , Rachel ?, and who was in a cast at the time and did all the moves from a chair.

Having had Svusch in my class in '04, when she was Swoosh, I know of the amazing nature of everything Svusch. I was involved in the "Find Swoosh's Shoe" campagin, and still have a button that Swoosh made for me with those words on it. I also danced with her at the dances in '05. She rocks everyone so hard.
—Peggy Nelling
As the roomate of then Swoosh in 2005, I helped make the above mentioned buttons. We also spent any an after-hour soaking swollen feet in the bathroom sink. Macrame hemp became drying lines and her mad embroidery skills still amaze me. Miss her like mad.
I was in Out of Your Mind with Svusch, and I have to say that she is the most amazing person I've ever met. I think she's one of the reasons that class had such an effect on everyone (as I recall, at the circle activity on the last day, the entire class announced their total adoration for her). Svusch, you're incredible, and it's because of you that I decided to spend the year following OoYM learning to like myself. Thanks for being so you.
I was also in Out of Your Mind with Svusch, and I remember how all of us held her in such high esteem. Evan, Makenzie, and I, even a year after the class, would still discuss her amazingness. I was in awe of her. She always had a passion for everything we discussed in class like nothing I'd ever seen before. She was the inspiration and idol of TiPsters aplenty. She is also the reason I still knit today, even if it is poorly. Svusch is truely something special and I'm sorry if you never met her.
I met Svusch at TIP 2005, when I was a third-year. She is definitely someone special, and I wish I knew her better. More than anything else, I remember her passion for life in general. She had an essence of vitality which I have yet to learn.


  • Thinking The Unthinkable (Instructor: Chuck, TA: Erin)
  • Simple Complexities (Instructor: Meredith, TA: Ryan)
  • Out of Your Mind (Instructor: Scott, TA: Gwen)


  • Rachel, Alisha, and ??? (2003)
  • Marian (2004)
  • Paige (2005)