Gwen McCarter

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A Buddhism and Islam (i.e. Religious Studies) major from UVA, Gwen has been a T.A. for a number or mysticism-oriented classes, in addition to her four years as a TIPster herself and at least two years as an RC ('03-'04). Gwen is now a graduate student at Harvard in Islamic Studies, comparative religious ethics, and human rights. She is a vegetarian (possibly vegan?) Let it be known that she is quite amazing and sociable; she is definetly the kind of TA that would motivate you to work at TiP just so you could know her on a friendly basis instead of in just a teacher to student relationship. Her German skills are to be coveted and her Arabic skills are to be worshipped.

In the first term class at East of 2005 she began acquiring nicknames centered around her name:

Gwennifer Gwenesis Gwenocide Gwentonomo Bay Gwenagogue Gwenjamin Gwensai Gwen-Hur

and many others. [Daag Alemayehu actually began the nickname tradition in 2004 when they were RHLs together.]

She is also the [albeit unwilling] adoptive mother of her former students, and Jere Stern.

Note: She was present during the infamous Geoff Geis / tongue-fest which marked the end of the Miss TiP tradition.