Jere Stern

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What can I possibly type about Jere that could accurately express her awesomeness to those who do not know her? Nothing. If you don't know her, you're out of luck, because no mere human words could ever tell you how amazing Jere is. Through her hippy-esque fashions to her beaming smile, Jere isn't one that you'd want to miss. She tends to be attracted to those classes involving philosophy, and, thus, she was in Out of Your Mind in East Term 1 2005 and Enlighten Me! East Term 1 of 2006. Subsequently, she has been in class with the two most amazing fellow-philosophers ever, and (they don't count Davidson or Kansas during their first years, because they prostrate at the mere mention of East). Presumably, this philosophical trio will see itself emerge yet again in class during Term 1 of 2007 in Existentialism and Beyond. She is also noted for being the brains behind the Brokeback Mountain inspired script about Voltaire and Rousseau's forbidden love in Enlighten Me!.

Note: She is the adopted daughter of Gwen McCarter and thus sister of . Be that as it may, Peggy Nelling is her proclaimed mother.

Jere was in my RAG Term 1 2005. She was the most amazing RAG mate ever.