Peggy Nelling

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Peggy Nelling

A recently graduated 4-4-3, Peggy Nelling...Is simply amazing. We love everything about her. She is very much of a party girl, but as you get to know her, you come to realize that this is simply a fa├žade for the loving, emotional, caring Peggy that lies beneath. She is notorious for inciting TiPsters to play Never Have I Ever. She is also a large proponent of RelationTIPs. She was a key factor in making my TiP experience amazing, and I don't know what I would have done had she not been there.

She has all intention of coming back to be an RA in three years, and even answered the official Duke TIP survey question "How can Duke TIP improve in future summers?" with "Hire me in three years!"


  • Peggy is a 4-3-3 (3 years at TIP all of which were on Duke East Campus, Term 1)
  • During her 2nd year, she was involved in the infamous relationTIP "Weggy" (Warren and Peggy). They were inseperable, and at one point, Warren was missing, and Peggy, who was in the shower, was asked if he was with her by multiple RAs.
  • She kissed a grand total of 37 people in her 3rd year.
  • She was instrumental in Pegram winning Quadfest her 3rd year, being one of the Scavenger Hunt captians.
  • She was also a Scavenger Hunt captian her 4th year for Alspaugh.
  • She and led the Alspaugh cheers, including "Doggy Doggy Doggy", "Blue is the color", and "We want another one!"
  • She was a makeup girl in Doctor, Doctor her 4th year, and was in the Talent Show her 3rd year.
  • She gave the last 4th year speech at East Term 1 '06, followed only by 's "Doggy Doggy Doggy".
  • Along with Caitlin Halloran, she almost got in severe trouble following a bathroom party on 3rd floor Pegram in her 3rd year, the night after the last dance. No really bad things happened - foam was made and thrown around and Caitlin and Peggy took a shower at 2AM, at which point they were caught by Alfredo and Hilary, two Pegram RAs. Contrary to popular rumors, there were no boys present. They didn't get in trouble because of how close to the end of the term it was, though they were gossiped about constantly by RAs.
  • She was involved in another bathroom party the subsequent year (4th year), with Erin Heim, Gabrielle Tandet, Laura Briscoe, Diana Baron, Melanie Ouellette, and Jingy Zhao. This happened admist the raining out of evening activities. With many campers gone to the movies with many RAs, there was little to do. Boombox and CDs collected, the girls gathered in the third floor Alspaugh girls bathroom. Foam was made and thrown, group showers were had, and pictures were taken, including a picture that became famous over the campus of all the girls in the shower together, covered by a towel. There is question as to whether the girls were actually naked or not. During the taking of these pictures, Jayme and Karla, RAs, came in and tried to think of a rule the picture would be breaking. When they were unable to, Jayme simply shook her head at the girls.
  • In her 4th year, she was a leader of the Time Warp at the dances. At the end of the Time Warp of the final dance, Peggy, and collapsed, like is done in the movie, and were almost trampled.
  • She is known for being well versed in TIP lore.
  • During her 2nd year, she managed to get into Baldwin Basement, the tunnels under Pegram, and onto the Union roof, within a period of less than two weeks. She also made it into the tunnels with Gabrielle Tandet, , and Erin Heim. Pictures were taken, which almost resulted in trouble for Sam during Term II.
  • She started the tradition of jumping during the "Hey"s and "Ho"s during the Last Sascatchewan Pirate.
  • She participated in Wear a Skirt Wednesday, Toga Tuesday, Freeball Friday, and donated many pieces of clothing to the worthy causes.
  • She got an apology from JP Allen during his 4th year speech.
  • She was in the much-coveted class Abnormal Psychology in her 4th year, and was a member of the .
  • For all three of her years at TIP, she was known for the mass amounts of photos on the walls of her dorm.
  • She managed to get Sam the OSC to sign her termbook, even though he "doesn't sign termbooks". This was due to the fact that a ticket to the opening night of Pirates of the Carribean 2 that was purchased for the Quadfest Scavenger Hunt was to be given to Sam because Peggy said so. Sam, as an objective OSC, did not accept the ticket (with the potential to be considered a "bribe"), so it was transfered to Alspaugh RHL Zach.
  • She is the current mother of soon-to-be-4th-year Jere Stern.
  • She gives a lot of freakin' hugs.
  • If anyone were to have a TIP Baby, it would be her.


  • Simple Complexities: The Art of Understanding Fairy Tales (Instructor: Meredith, TA: Ryan)
  • Contemporary Lit (Growing Up Global) (Instructor: Hilary, TA: Lasette)
  • Abnormal Psychology (Instructor: Dave, TA: Dana)


  • Momma Mary Hollis (1st floor Pegram)
  • Kassie (of Kassie's Red Hot Hotties of 3rd floor Pegram)
  • Karla (3rd floor Alspaugh)


  • Chelsea and Jessica
    • Chelsea and Peggy bonded a lot, and Jessica sat quietly in the corner.
  • Erin
  • Claire (with blue hair)
    • A cool roommate who was slightly annoyed by Peggy's constant waking up at 5:45 AM to shower.