Never Have I Ever

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Never Have I Ever (also known as Ten Fingers) is a game in which players each say something they have never done, usually outrageously sexual or deviant. It is often played with ten fingers being up at the beginning of the game, and one finger going down every time that someone has done something. It is especially fun to rationalize your actions by proclaiming that it was one time, and yes, you were drunk.

Two girls (Nicole and Julie) at East Term 1, 2006 had a competition to see who was the bigger slut, they played several games all throughout TIP. They moved on to include myspace polls in the competition and, eventually a winner was announced via MySpace. Julie won, but people are unsure how that happened, as Nicole won almost every single time. Though Nicole got out before Julie in "Never Have I Ever" on numerous occasions, the decision to declare Julie the bigger slut was based on the fact of quantity.

Adam Wilson is the undisputed East Term 1 2008 champion, beating Cara Wiseman, Nik Padinha, Emily Rose, , Charmee Mehta, and with a whopping total of -47 fingers. Cat was the next runnerup with -45, and then Joe with -32. Term 1 2009, Joe seized the title, in a game against his RAG plus Cat (who was lurking around that area of Basset for undisclosed reasons), where he finished with -27 to Cat's -23. Cat seized the Term 2 2009 title against Anthony, Fat Tony, and Aaron, losing all ten fingers in a record 11 rounds, but claims it was unfair. But it still counts.

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