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DAVE. Everyone knows DAVE.

Dave Johnson, first-time instructor of the infamous Abnormal Psychology class, who became highly-esteemed by his students and envied by all others. The knowledge of Dave's awesomeness was spread by the AbPsych kids, mainly the , and Big Brother became very jealous. A prank war was started (and won, if I may add, by AbPsych). The origins of this war may have included the friendship between the AbPsych TA (DANA) and the Big Brother TA, but these rumors are unconfirmed. Big Brother became so jealous that "Dave" was used as an expletive in their class. Everyone else, however, acknowledged how absolutely amazing Dave is. So it goes.

The rumors can be confirmed. One day, Big Brother was bored. The class had zipped through its work that day, and so in evening session with the Amazing Rebecca, TA for BB, the class decided to prank AbPsych. The first prank did not go over so well (too intelligent for the seemingly illiterate AbPsychers), but BB soon learned and went on the win the War. As for using "DAVE" as an expletive- that also happened. While it is unknown who actually invented it, it is known that Kate came up with "Go to Dave!", and whenever a supremely macho, muscular man strutted by, Laura would say, "That's a Dave!" Many other funny anecdotes were told revolving around AbPsych & Dave, but those are confidential.

The pranks in said prank war went a little something like this:

  • Big Brother: Went outside to the AbPsych windows (which they were unable to find in a timely fashion, even though the words "Abnormal Psychology were written on the windows with window markers) and held up signs that said "We're watching you!", though much rearranging was necessary before the message was legible.
  • AbPsych: Went in and ran around the Big Brother room, much to their own amusement, but hardly an actual prank.
  • Big Brother: Entered the AbPsych room, with one student claiming to be Dave, and all the others being his adoring fans. This was a prank based in actual reality.
  • AbPsych: Collected produce and left it in the Big Brother room. Wrote "Abnormal Psychology produces results" on the blackboard.
  • Big Brother: Delivered a "fruit basket" (though the majority of the contents were vegatables) to Dave, who had no idea what was going on.
  • AbPsych: Came up with a really awesome plan, but was not able to carry it out due to time constraints.

Less importantly: The Original Cult Founder at TIP, Dave was the primary founder of the Cult of Cornelius Christ. He roomed with Jesus during his second year, (Jesus's first) at TIP, and did not return after that. His presence was missed. He was known for his quirky and twisted sense of humor. Famous Quote: "Dave's not here man!"

It should also be noted that Dave, and his class, failed miserably in a drinking contest with the class Raiding & Writing in Term II, 2006. But the class was actually ahead for awhile and resulted in many Ab Psych kids throwing up right afterwards.