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Birth of a Legend

This transient Punk-Metal-Classical-Pop-Indie-Rap-House band was born like so many bands are, in a Pegram dorm. A group of talented third years decided "guys, lets make a band for the talent show." The name was chosen after much thoughtful and insightful deliberation. Armed with only a guitar, a trash can, a spoon, a kinda sticky can, and ridiculous costumes, they set off to start a revolution of truth and justice.

All About the Band

Band Members:

  • Just Apostrophe- Lead guitarist, co-songwriter, and distant relative to Friedrich Engels, he feels as though his work is heavily influenced by "Vitamin C" by Can. When asked about his name, he only answers "Just Apostrophe" leading fans to speculate if he means solely punctuation or a diacritical mark of fairness.
  • TheMightyTheseus8- This Minotaur of Music is also known as the Lord of Praying Mantises is the band's can artist. He uses his can and spoon not only add to the richness of the beat, but to show his protest of oppression and hate. He is known for wearing a blue pillowcase so as to remain anonymous for those who are sad and downtrodden.
  • Indigo Wolf Stoves- This lead singer and co-songwriter also called "Scott" has been known to cause the wayward traveler question his or her own existence. While many wonder if his name is formed by the combination of a certain fictional terrorist organization responsible for the death of STEVE McCOY and a parody of a certain host of Man vs. Wild, he continues to keep the origin a secret. However, he has agreed that "in circumstances like this there is only one thing to logically do. Looks like it's time to drink my own piss."
  • Caribbean Jack- This "trash can" drummer is often referred to as "Robert". Critics have referred to his amazing solos as "impossibly [...] good" and "wow". His duct tape covered rubbish bin displays a peace sign, a large 37, and a small, green plastic soldier both to represent their first hit and to send the message that every small pawn must lay down his weapons for change to occur.

Slightly Swahili

The band's first EP, which is said to have influences from reggae, country, rock, and Don McLean. The name was chosen when the musicians realized that we all are connected, each one of us is slightly Swahili.

The first hit to come from the EP was technically known as "The Army of Plastic Replica Marches Through the Fields of Infidelity and Injustice to the Mountains of Hope, Freedom, And Love to Find Their True Destiny", but the song takes on new meaning every time it is sung, thus it cannot be contained in a single name. The first live performance of this song was at the Duke East Term II Talent Show in 2014.

You know what to do!

Stand up for your freedom!

Set yourself free!


What does that mean?

You find it out!

This is your life!



Soviet Union!

The time is now!


Who is it for?

Look in the book,

And see what I mean.


This is wrong!

What have we learned?

You are right!



Random letters!

Now we begin!

(Drum Solo)

American alphabet!

Learning is wrong!

Do not listen!

To this song!