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The TiP Rap was performed in the Duke West Term 1 2009 talent show by a hipster tipster and Jesse Hevia (Carly Bloomfeld was the understudy). Jesse rapped and a hipster tipster beatboxed. The rap was probably the funniest act in the talent show. It narrated an average day at TiP, with a few shout-outs and inside jokes. The rapping was interrupted several times by outbreaks of dancing on a hipster tipster and Jesse's part, presumably because she had forgotten the words. The lyrics are as follows:

Hey yo we're tipsters, and wez be hipsters

For this little shizzle the excellent xxxx-hizzle

Is gon' be beatboxing and I'ma be detoxing

About that lousy food and them lacrosse boys being rude

They be trying to fraternize, but then they sees our eyes

They be saying no, so then they just go

Back to their dorms to break social norms [This line was originally "Back to their holes where they stick their lacrosse poles", but at the auditions the RCs said that sounded un-TiPropriate]

9 AM we be going to class, we don't wanna get up, but we gotta move our-

Every day we gotta meet our TA, we gotta work work work before we get our time to play

We finally got free time, dang it's hard to rhyme

We get to use our phones, I like ice cream cones

We finally get our meal, is that chicken even real?

Evening study goes by quick, I wanna hit the four corners WITH A BRICK

Now please excuse our inside jokes, but all wez gotz is squirrel smokes

Cause xxxxx, Jessay, and Carlay, we can't help it, it's just our way

Andy's boys, they got boxes on they heads, they be trying to make us deadz

They think they dinosaurs, green is a-

[Insert a certain Asian's full name here], we love you

We like ripping cups, we gotta wrap this up

No pun intended, now this rap's ended