The Six TIP Unwritten Commandments

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The Six Unwritten TiP Commandments (By JP Allen and Lauren Thomas, presented between acts at the East Term 1 2005 talent show.) Not to be confused with the six official rules of being a TIPster.

1. I am the one TiP. You shall have no TiP other than me.

2. Thou shalt not sleep the last night.

3. Thou shalt uphold TiP Traditions, no matter how insane.

4. Thou shalt honor thine RCs (especially Zack and J-Rock).

5. Thou shalt play Frisbee.

6. Love other TiPsters as you love yourself, but please keep all feet on the floor.

If you obey these commandments, the world of TiP will fall at your feet, you may rise again as an RC, and you shall live eternally in East (or West) Campus history.