Lazer Dragons Captain and the Light-Up Disc

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The Lazer Dragons is the best Frisbee team at Duke East Term Two. There is a light-up frisbee named Cathy, who doesn't really light-up anymore, that gets passed down along with the title of Lazer Dragon Captain each year. The tradition started in 2007 when the 3rd year Lazer Dragons defeated the 4th year team to represent the students versus the staff. They returned in force the next year, ultimately losing in a controversial OT finish to the staff (including the infamous Daag) but permanently cementing the Lazer Dragon legacy. In 2009, the Lazer Dragons beat staff 15-3 in the Staff-Student Ultimate Game. The Lazer Dragons is technically a 4th year team, but depending on the availability of frisbee-skilled fourth years, is flexible on adding a third year or two. The Lazer Dragons beat EVERYONE, except in 2013 when SWAT beat them in the tournament


2007- Grahame Watt

2008- Grahame Watt (only two-time Lazer Dragon Captain)

2009 - Phillip G (who we now know is Phillip Geist thanks to Brecken & Will)

2010 - David F

2011 - Robbie Powell

2012 - Jackson Schaap (it was originally Garrett who sadly couldn't return)

2013 - Josh Sacks (Originally Allison Bashford, who unfortunately did not return)

2014 - Tommy Bui

2015 - Charlotte Small

2016 - Brecken Yeo (the first ever 2nd year in TiP history to be awarded a tradition(Edit: this is likely not true, looking at the TIP Lore page you see that there was a 2nd year who received the Llama, named Miriam Goldberg.), and he'll be passing it on to a fellow third year in 2016 to "right" the order)

2017 - John Fogg (Originally Chris Rosselot, sadly did not return)

2018 - Alexander Rintamaa

2019 - Wally Auby

Founding Lazer Dragon Members: Jessica Corey, Darryl Long, Drew Mattingly, David Millard, Bobby Prengle, Chase Schoelkopf, Nicki Softness, Shannon Spangler, Grahame Watt, Steve Wazny, Chuckles Wells, Morgan Wild