Lazer Dragons

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The Lazer Dragons are the Ultimate Frisbee team of Duke East Term II Campus. They began in 2009 (see Lazer Dragons Captains and the Light-Up Disc) when the Lazer Dragons beat staff 15-3 in the Staff-Student Ultimate Game. The team was originally the "Horny Little Devils", but the RC's didn't approve the name. So unto the first Captain (the most respected athlete on campus), the rays of heaven shined, and the Ultimate gods cried, "Thou now art the HAMAZING LAZER DRAGONS!" Blessed by the gods of Ultimate themselves, the Hamazing Lazer Dragons destroyed the staff team for the first time in Term II. Over time, the Hamazing was dropped and simply became *pause for dramatic effect* ... the Lazer Dragons.

Game results by year

  • 2009 15-3 Lazer Dragons
  • 2014 9-5 Lazer Dragons
  • 2015 11-1 Lazer Dragons
  • 2019: 14-13 Staff