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Brecken Yeo is the legendary second year tipster who was given the Lazer Dragons Captain Disk at Duke East Term Two 2015. He lives in Atlanta, GA and you can follow him on instagram @brecken_yeo.

1st Year - Wake Forest Term II

Brecken spent his first year at Wake Forest Term 2 and was on the Ultimate Frisbee team "Man Chest Hair United". Nothing too eventful occurred in his first year as a tipster besides his short-lived relationtip with Reese Poe. It lasted about 3 months after tip ended, until Reese cut the relationtip short. He is still friends with Maya Abul-Khoudoud and a few other tipsters from his first year.

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This TIPster has attended TIP at more than one campus.
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Wildcats: Brecken started a 2nd year team known as the "Wildcats" (which also ended up being the 2nd year quadfest team name). He was unsure as to whether or not he was actually going to make the team because he knew they would end up losing to the Lazer Dragons anyway. But the night frisbee sign up sheets were due, he created a 2nd year team in about 30 minutes during 9-10 free time. They weren't that bad... During the student tournament they played the 3rd years (Harder Defense), and then the 4th year team (Lazer Dragons ofc).They almost beat the Harder Defense, and probably would have if there was more time, but they ended up tying 5-5. Brecken chose not to start himself in either game because "there were players better than him" which wasn't the case, but if he started, they would have come a lot closer to beating the Lazer Dragons, and actually beating the lazer dragons. During the Lazer Dragons game, I'm pretty sure they scored the first point. Then the lazer dragons scored 5 points. Brecken decided to put himself in and he quickly scored 4 straight points on long hucks. The Lazer Dragons quickly realized they were facing a different opponent than they originally had assumed. The final score ended up being 6-5, probably the closest a 2nd year team will ever come to beating the Lazer Dragons.

A rematch with the third years was never played due to Carl chickening out after he saw the performance against the Lazer Dragons.

After the game, at dinner, Brecken was asked to play for the Lazer Dragons during the student v. staff game...

Lazer Dragons:

During the game, he only played for 3 points. He scored a point when Anish misjudged a throw and went over his head. Brecken played it perfectly and caught it without trouble. He promptly slammed the disk into the ground and dead faced the staff bench. That was the only point he scored but he had an amazing catch when he ran the length of the field and outran all of the staff. He also completely Moss'd a staff member and blocked him from catching it. After running a lot, he was very tired, but overall he played very well.

During the talent show, the Lazer Dragons disc was handed off which shocked a lot of people including Brecken. He slowly walked up the steps after just being called a girl by Charlotte, but accepted the disk. Charlotte then told Brecken to stare into the crowd and say "I'm the captain now" which he did, but his voice was very shaky as he was probably very nervous. He was the first 2nd year ever awarded a major tradition at East (and possibly all of tip?) and will be the only 3rd year tradition holder next year. He will also be a 3rd year leading a 4th year team, but we faith he can otherwise he wouldn't have received the disk. Good luck next year and kick ass!!

Brecken Runs for President

In August 2015, Brecken officially registered to become a candidate in the 2016 presidential election. His campaign went off to a wild start, with several fan accounts forming within minutes of his announcement and multiple tipsters referring to him as Mr.President immediatly even though he has yet to win the election. So far he is a front runner with 92% of the tipster vote. #getbrekt2016

Update 11/5: We have started a Super PAC called "The Ramen PAC" we are currently seeking donors. If interested, contact the ramen pac or contact a representative of my team.