Henry and the Hot Plates

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Henry and the Hot Plates A reprise performance of "Lab Coat" for the Chemistry Investigations class.

Henry and the Hot Plates was a pseudo-musical group created during 2016 term II at Wake Forest. The group included Henry*, Dav, and Jackson. The only song ever performed by the group was "Lab Coat," a parody of Jacob Sartorius's cringy excuse for a song "Sweatshirt." The song was performed by Dav and Jackson at the 2016 Talent Show to a very enthusiastic crowd. The song was performed in costume, comprising of labcoats, splash-proof goggles, and gloves.

The lyrics to Lab Coat are as follows:


Chillin' with your hair up

No jewelry with some goggles on

Mixin' sodium and iodine

Crankin' out the data all night long

But I think you need something to cover up

To keep off the acid and all that other scary stuff


Cuz right now it's lab hour

So if you don't want to take a safety shower


Then you can wear my lab coat

And please remind your friends

To keep them on until the end

Gi-irl you can wear my lab coat

So if you spill HCl

You don't have to scream and yell

Baby wear my


When you mix the solutions

When you waft the chemicals

And when you use a hot plate please remember not to touch it (Henry!)

Hey maybe, we'll discover something new

Label test tubes 1 and 2

Let's go lighting cashews



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXu3rqfTY-A (the in-class performance on the last day)

*It should be noted that Henry was not actually a TIPster, but the child of a chemistry professor, and therefore could not perform.