End-of-Term slideshow

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This is pretty simple, it's a slideshow of pictures taken throughout the term by the RCs. The pictures are displayed chronologically and depict all the major events; dances, quadfest, casino day, arrival day, and daily tiplife in general.

The slideshow is synchronized with music:

  • The first song played, during all the photos of TIPsters arriving is "Carolina in My Mind" by James Taylor.
  • The last song is "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day.

TiP East Term II 2006S Slideshow: [1]

RC Andrew is currently having a hard time uploading over 3 gigs of pictures that were collected and is trying to find a solution as quickly as he can. He aplogizes on the wait for the slideshow. He is a self proclaimed busy guy.

The slideshow (and all events before and after the slideshow that night), will induce both crying and laughter. Though more crying, usually.

At East Term 2 2008, the worst slideshow ever was shown. It made nobody cry, even the overemotional 4th year girls.

At Davidson Term 2 2012, many RCs ran around on the last day hurrying to get pictures of the RCs because they didn't have enough. In the end, they managed to grab a few more shots that helped complete the End-of-Term slideshow successfully.

Trinity University Term 2

Many technical issues occurred causing a long delay of the slideshow.