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New College of Florida equivalent of Quadfest. It is held on Z Green the second weekend of camp. There are four teams, which compete in various relays and other events, most of which require no actual skill.



New College of Florida

Term I-

Had to be held inside due to storms. Any events involving water balloons were cancelled, but all other events went as planned. The teams were the Red Phoenixes(1st), the Yellow Bananas(2nd), the Blue Butted Baboons(3rd), and the Green Dragons(4th).

Term II-

The four teams were the Blue Landsharks, the Yellow Honey Badgers, the Red Phoenixes, and the Green Woodchucks. Unfortunately a thunderstorm cut the festivities short. It was later announced the the Yellow Honeybadgers came out on top, followed by the Landsharks.