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Meesh was an exclamation used by some TIPsters, Started by Mary M. in Davidson Term II 2005, Meesh is undefined, though speculation on the subject includes that it may mean 'Slap Me!' or 'Break a hairbrush on my arm!' (As she tended to do these to anyone who used it...) or vulgarities.

Meesh was discontinued at the beginning of Term 2 2006 at Duke East (although in the world outside of tip, it was discontinued in October 2005) because Mary felt as though meesh was unacceptable. Furthermore, the new word, which was used in many conversations discussing not "TiPpropriate" things, was snarkel.

Meesh was reinstated during Term 2 2007 at Duke East. Mary could be found on campus muttering "Eh, meesh meesh" whenever someone contradicted her.