Dizzy Bat

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A game of Dizzy Bat in progress

To play Dizzy Bat, simply get one or more baseball bats (or a similar sport's bat), stand them on the ground, touch contestants' heads to the top of them, run around them a predetermined number of times, then run to a specified finish point. It should be noted that in the "real world", Dizzy Bat is generally played alongside dubious consumption of alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, due to the necessity of tippropriateness, such is not

This is a well-known Quadfest activity, and is pretty fun to watch. It can also be witnessed sometimes in the dorm hallways between

The Dizzy Bat has been known to take place during quadfest immediately after the Jello Snarfle. Which can make poor little tipsters like Joanna Sands(Duke West Term 1 2011) throw up and get taken for the rest of quadfest.