Day at TIP

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Day at TIP is a Quadfest event relay race. Participants from each team compete with one another to finish the events the fastest. Each participant completes one activity within the event. For example:

  • Brushing your teeth with whipped cream
  • Writing the quadratic equation on your face- in chocolate syrup
  • Making a jelly sandwich with a whole jar of jelly
  • Writing the pythagorean theorem on your face in chocolate syrup
  • Eating the said sandwich
  • Putting mentos in coke and chugging it.

At Trinity 2019 Term 2 there was Day at TIP The activities here included: - Brush your teeth with whipped cream - Put on oversized clothes - Write the Pythagorean theorem on your arm with chocolate syrup (this was really just dumping chocolate syrup on your arm) - Dump a bucket of water on your head (simulating that you're taking a shower)

These were done in teams of 4 by your color group