Emily Bergquist

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Emily Bergquist
Emily Bergquist
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2010-2012
Course(s) International Relations, Political Cultures and Counter Cultures, Evolution of Empires
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Emily Bergquist, also known (and commonly referred to as) the Llama Mama, was pretty much one of the most legendary TiPsters ever.

History as TiPster

Her history as a TiPster stated way back in 2010, when she attended Duke East Term II for the first time as a second year. She was in the class International Relations, and had many friends (sadly, Maggie Player, later part of the triumvirate with Emily, was not her friend even though they were in the same class). It should be noted that the second years, including Emily, won Quadfest. It was so great. Then, she came back as a third year to East term II, with even more TiP spirit than before. But really though, she had so much spirit. Like more than should be humanly possible. Anyway, Emily took the class Political Cultures and Counter Cultures, and made even more friends than she had before. Two of those friends were Lexi Stewart (the future Sexy Mama) and Maggie Player, and they formed a legendary Triumvirate. Emily was also part of the TIPsync "Big TiP Rush" with Lexi, Maggie, and Savannah Seiler. It was very epic and did not get the recognition it deserved. Emily was in Sydney's RAG, which was the best RAG ever: past, present, and future. Then, at the end of Emily's third year, she was given the Llama. This was a testament not only to her amazing TiP spirit, but also her general awesomeness.

Emily's Fourth Year/Llama Mama Adventures

Emily's fourth year as Llama Mama was very epic as well. She, like most TiPsters, was able to bond with everyone there,and she had a great time in her class Evolution of Empires with fellow members of the Triumvirate, Lexi and Maggie. They had pretty much the coolest class ever. Emily was also in Megan's RAG, with some pretty cool kids in it as well. Emily and her fellow third years spent many 4-5 freetimes at 9th Street and ate way too much food. And drank way too much honey-filled tea. She also learned many valuable lessons, like the fact that the Llama is NOT waterproof. And that staff will take advantage of poor fourth year girls trying their hardest to complete a human knot just so staff members, who shall remain nameless, can steal the Llama (which was recovered, albeit with a few minor injuries). Additionally, Emily was in the TiPsynch "What Makes You Beautiful" with Maggie, Lexi, Savannah, Saara Hassoun, and Samir Gadre. They won second, and it was very awesome. The Llama was also in "What Makes You Beautiful" and a second-year rendition of "the Circle of Life" from The Lion King (the Llama represented Simba). Emily, as a part of Basset dorm, WON QUADFEST for the second time as her history as a TiPster. All residents of Basset were ecstatic. It should also be noted that Emily FREAKING LOVES QUADFEST. At the Talent Show, Emily was in the acts "Doctor Doctor" (co-written with Maggie Player) and a fourth year tribute of the song "Home." Sadly, though, as all TiPsters come to realize, fourth year goes by way too fast. Before anyone realized, term was over, and the Llama had to be handed down again. Emily chose a very deserving third year named Ellison, who will probably prove to also be a very legendary Llama Mama. However, no one, especially not the Llama, will every forget the awesomeness that was Emily Bergquist.]]

Preceded by:
George Saussy
Llama Mama Succeeded by:
Ellison Hersch