Boat Race

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Boat Race is a Quadfest event in which participants from each dorm are blindfolded in Conga-Line Formation and must race around the circle quad to fulfill an objective, such as reach staff members that hold flags or markers, or picking up playing cards, while avoiding (or not avoiding) waterballoons, hoses, and buckets of water from the unforgiving staff. This event is usually one of the last events of Quadfest, and ends with the staff throwing leftover waterballoons and buckets/trash cans of water at the spectators (or each other).

An effective strategy was developed by fourth year Alexander Kumbar of the green team during term 2 West 2010. It was for each team member to shuffle and stand sideways, holding the hand of the person in front of and behind them. This strategy allowed the person in front to complete the objective without stopping the line to pick up the object. This strategy was sued by Green team first, however they were unluckily the first team to do the race, meaning that the other teams mimicked the strategy, which led them to a superior time.