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The cheer "doggy, doggy, doggy" was a fourth-year cheer reserved for dwellers of Bassett on Duke East campus prior to complaints from staff and other camps leading to a "phasing out" in 2016. Formerly This cheer was led by the owner of The Gentleman's Hat for Term 2 and the Stilletoes for Term 1, and was reserved exclusively for 4th years, with the rare exception of quadfest, at which time non-fourth years living in Bassett were allowed (really, compelled) to participate.


The cheer was around at least since the early 2000's, and possibly earlier. Since at least 2007, the tradition was to refrain from any doggy'ing until the second week. The first cheer was usually heard immediately following the first dance, as TIPsters returned to their dorms with aching feet and glowing hearts. Fourth years that heard it responded with as much volume as they could muster. After the first usage, it was heard almost every day--if not actually every day--during lunch. The cheering came to a head at Quadfest, when it was opened up to the entire dorm--even non-fourth years- and was shouted after nearly every single event. Sometimes it was even used during nonevents!

After that, doggy doggy doggy'ing was sporadic at best; however, it was almost guaranteed that you'd hear it at the last lunch, dinner, talent show, at the conclusion of the fourth year speech, throughout the last night, and at the bus stop the next morning. One of the most emotional moments at the close of term one 2010 was hearing Jack Margolin tearfully bellow the words from the steps of the bus as he left. It was actually tear inspiring.

In recent years, the chant had followed a much different style. The first chant was done on the first day, celebrating our arrival back. Then it was done almost every single day at dinner, and after dances (sometimes the cheer-caller has a sore throat and does not do it). Furthermore, the spirit days had themed cheers, including a roman-esque cheer, a depressed cheer, and an interpretive dance. There were several occasions in which insolent 3rd years had attempted to retort with their own chant of "Kitty kitty kitty, meow meow meow". Action was taken and such instances no longer occur.

The cheer began at lunch on the first day of spirit week (second week) and continued at all lunches and dinners and occasionally at events like quadfest. At East term 1 2015, a different person/group was chosen at every meal to lead it.

The cheer was forcibly retired in Term 2 of 2016 and remained so through the 2017 year. In 2018 however, 4th year students Sandy Baker, and more spoke with campus admin regarding it's reinstatement. Admin surprised everyone by allowing the cheer to live on.

By group decision, "Doggy Doggy" has now been preformed after most meals on the front steps of marketplace, usually with several 4th years yelling down at their co-conspirators.


The doggy cheer is bassett's cheer primarily because of the dog theme, what with bassett hounds and all. Other 4th year cheers have included "O-R-G-Y! What does that spell? Teamwork!" and, usually after getting into trouble for that, "How do we do it? TIPpropriately!" The dog theme can be found in nearly all other fourth year cheers and chants, as they frequently contain references to beasts, etc. More information can be found here.

Back when Four feet on the floor was still in place, it would technically not be a violation of the rules to have sex, provided all four feet were on the floor. TiPsters being the genii that they are, figured out that having sex doggy style, on the floor, would technically break no rules. You can figure out the rest.

How It Works

Someone starts it, and is the leader for that one chant. All the fourth years chime in, loudly and enthusiastically.

It goes like this:


4th Years: WOOF WOOF WOOF!


4th Years: WOOF WOOF WOOF!

Leader: DOGGY!

4th Years: WOOF!

Leader: DOGGY!

4th Years: WOOF!


4th Years: WOOF WOOF WOOF!

Leader: HOW DO WE DO IT?

4th Years: DOGGY STYLE!

Then, one person says, just loud enough to be heard: "It's from the back!"


Doggy doggy doggy is frequently parodied. During East term II 2012, Pegramites came up with some variations replacing "doggy" with "Pegram", and "woof" with "red". Then, "How do we do it?" Response: "Quietly in the bathroom with a Playboy!" Or, "Statutoraly!" A reference to their young ages.

East Term 1 2016

As of June 26th, 2016 at East Term 1, the Doggy Doggy Doggy chant has been banned by the RCs, many rumors that it is because of Young Writers. The RCs say that it is because of Duke University and the fact that there are younger kids on campus from the other camps that take place on Duke campus (such as Young Writers).


Doggy Doggy was revived during Term 1 2018, almost solely by the efforts of Sandy Baker.