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Sandy Baker is honestly one of the most TiP-spirited campers and best friends that a TiPster could ever ask for. She's always looking to make friends with anyone and everyone she meets. Sandy's first year at TiP was 2016 where she took Michael Graves' film class. There, she met her bFFFFFF (Rory Smith n the creator of this page) and became a part of the Tfb. After TiP ended, the heckboi flamers initiated Sandy into their group (She officially became a flamer the first day of TiP 2017 after eating a Whole Foods habanero pepper.)

^ yea, the one that made Michael Hammer puke

At the end of TIP 2017, Sandy received the pink stilettos from Miranda Hynes. During her third year, she also participated in the staff-student frisbee game and went on to play for Dream Team (Duke East).


  • Duke East Term 1 2016 - Celluloid Visions: A Critical Study of Film
  • Duke East Term 1 2017 - Big Screen Little Screen: Writing for the Camera
  • Duke East Term 1 2018 - History of the Future


  • Duke East Term 1 2016 - Ellison's RAG
  • Duke East Term 1 2017 - Alissa's RAG
  • Duke East Term 1 2018 - Aleta's RAG


  • Duke East Term 1 2016 - Max Alvarado (first dance) and Reece Overholt (second and third weeks)

Please note: During Sandy's Asian Persuasion phase during TiP 2016, she engaged in a short-lived obsession with the fourth year Brandon Wang. She called him "puppy" and was dared by Rory smith to dance with him for $20. (She completed the dare but never received her $20, but if you ask Rory she'll certainly deny it.)

  • Duke East Term 1 2017 - Michael Hammer (ummmmmmm) and Jared Nord <3 <3 <3 (most whipped)
  • Duke East Term 1 2018 - WILSON THE SQUID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rory Smith

This girl is Sandy's right hand man, best friend, lover, wingman, ride or die, and her world. Sandy loves rory with all of her heart and doesn't know how she could do life without her. The two have taken the same class together for the past two years of tip and hope to do the same their fourth year. They've bonded over their love for pretty much everything but mainly their love for stupid jokes and name puns. The two also got even closer when they were suppsoed to try out for the student frisbee team but missed the tryouts but still made the team ( ps: dream team is best)((rory if you wrote that you're off watercolors) (hi reece! no i didn't write that i wouldn't write all this nice shit about myself sandy did it and OBVIOUSLY watercolors ftw dream team is some TRASH) (mad respect)(hi reece and rory! dream team is best because who beat watercolors ever since it was created??) (hush pls). Sandy loves this girl with all of her heart and even though they have their ups and downs like every pair of best friends do, she doesn't know how she could live life without her bestie Rory Quinn Smith by her side<3.

Dream Team vs. Watercolor debate

This itself is iconic so the og bassett besties can argue about it right here: S- dream team is the best

R- PPPPFFF snady ur so lame starting a debate on ur own tipiwki page but LES GO WATERCOLORS

S- lol dream team won 2018 game so suck it losers

Notable Facts

  • Sandy has a really great accent. Words in which her accent appears particularly strong include: bug, ugly, nugget, jug, tuesday, no, fingers, duck, and anything else with a u.
  • Sandy thoroughly enjoys the cookies from the Marketplace Dining Hall (but only when they're warm).
  • Sandy was born on Halloween (that's why she's so spooky).
  • Sandy went through a phase in which she was obsessed with K-Pop. It was a pain to say the least.
  • Sandy is a GOD at soccer (and ultimate frisbee, of course).
  • Sandy is literally afraid of tractors.
  • One time Sandy and Rory had to play "What Am I Thinking" and said nugget at the same time, first try. It was legendary to say the least.
  • Sandy is in love with Ryan Gosling (but that's not what her screenplays say).
  • Sandy's (admittedly intippropriate) catchphrase is "f*ck b*tches b*tches f*ck"
  • Part of the OG Bassett Besties (along side Rory Smith and Reece Overholt)
  • Coined the phrase - you look like a buuuug
  • Was granted Pink Stilettos at the end of 2017. Lived up to the title VERY well, she a queen
  • As of 6/26/2018, only has 1 official strike! go best friend thats my best friend
  • She keeps a little notebook with daily tip memories that's really adorable
  • She led the 4th year girls to victory in their dog-themed tipsync, playing snoop dogg with rory as wiz khalifa
  • She's really sneaky! Watch out for this one;)))))))))))))))
  • She's part of the TFB ShowerGang

Fourth Year Will

Sadly all good times must come to an end, so here we go...

I, Sandy Baker, of kuntry mind and bug body hereby bequeath the following: to Will the biggest smile, laugh, 7 stellar model poses, IHOP, an interesting video watching session, and my nike shorts, to Reece the iconic purple dress, the shortest man award, and a carton of goldfish, and some hope that you’re actually asleep , to Creighton a hug every time you enter a new room, a marriage at the age of 40, the pink hat, the penguin frisbee, spidey senses, oh and Emma Nations;) , to Jackson the Friends t-shirt for the spirit of home you gave me, to Billy vanilla fro-yo, a set of ores, my constant care, your shoes, and the pig protector, to Dayne all the love the world has to offer, the best 3 years of friendship and hugs, coffee, “babe”, Mr. Brightside, and a closed door, to Caroline nutz, nutz, and more nutz oh and some fucking more noodz and GREEN, YELLOW, RED LIGHT, to Henry your grandma's amazing cookies, to Delaney all the eyeshadow palettes the world has to offer and some less complicated boys, to Maximilian endless swimsuits with pink elephants and veggie straws , to Cackett the word y’all, the middle part,a bark, and that ass we can’t find, to Austin a frisbee along with instagram and snapchat, to Darren the pimpiest pimp, anything and everything St. Marks, “sure” “okay”, and also a sticky hand, to Tristan 13 less rice purity points and some less steroids, to Becky the worlds fucking biggest dog bed for the worlds fucking ugliest dog (Coco), to Helen a Texas flag risen above all other state flags ALL HAIL MOTHERFUCKING TEXAS vsco C1 filters and gluten free poptarts, “look at her go”, thick body;), oh and do i have anything on my ass?, to Abhi some wings for being the best wingman, some eye drops for you always being high, a pepper, a whip, constant joy for all you’ve given me, and a LAB, to Asa a punishment in the corner, to Josephine my favorite daughter award, to my kiddos no incest, to Eden vegan wings all day every day and 5 am trips to B Duke, to HOTF jolly ranchers and Ryan Gosling, to Skippy (Bo) a never ending supply of leashes, to Spencer the name Preston, to RORGY the fucking best friend group ever with our fucking 24/7, to Rohan many girls’ numbers, to Michael fucking Hammer many memories I wish we could’ve made and vineyard vines for life, to Flamers a habanero pepper and flame for every heckboi we find, to spiCY a smile for all the late night convos and my endless love for my family,MY TRACTOR, and my accent, to Paul the name little bitch, i give you Fran (only because you live in Atlanta, take care of her precious soul), nail polish, all the junk food in the world, and “great” eating advice, to Owen, Jacob, and Christian a 4th year at East as a complete family, to Fran all the Argentine boys the world has to offer, Cole Sprouse, brownies brownies and more brownies, the best cousin award, some feet, and a fourth year with memories I wish I could share with you, to Joseph and Nick the biggest hug I can give for how you made the last 2 years great, to 4th year girls and Søren the plastic styrofoam mic for our great fantastic tipsync win, to Søren drag queen makeup and a certain someone;), to Sadie constant communism and a successful t-shirt designing career, to Noah the best hugs ever, to the bois group poops and late night showers, to Rory a quack, our celluloid vision seats in the corner, facetime rant calls, the orchid thief, chicken train, bike rides in Hilton Head, Emma Stone, pillsbury doughboy, a frisbee for our well deserved frisbee spot, warm cookies, many tears and hugs on the floor of the Nelson Music Building, and an endless friendship that I will forever remember, and then to Wilson a huge teddy bear, inappropriate touching, endless travel bucket list, my seaside shirt, 6,000 steps, life stories at 3 in the morning, wildaddy, a sock, finger game, an unlimited amount of plane tickets to bainbridge, the better oscar, iced mochas, and the amazing memories we made now and the ones we will make in the future, to my whole friend group 1629479283 offenses, to all tipsters you guys are my family and i leave to you a big cuddle puddle and a life full of success i couldn’t survive life without y’all