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Rory Smith is a goddess from North Carolina. She has the best blue eyes the world has ever seen (it attracts many mates, ask Billy) and she has the best smile out of all the Tipsters. Her name can be combined with literally anything and everything for instance: (very intippropriate) rorgy, rorgasm, whory, and many more. She is also known as rawryXD. She looks like an egg. nuff said. Everyone needs to get themself a Rory. Rory is the type of person to mail physical memes to her friends (she actually did this like today). Literally one of the best friends you could ever ask for (ask me her bFFFFFF Sandy Baker, she's the BEST).

Rory is a part of the squad tfb and is also one of the OG heckboi flamers. She has gone to two of Duke's campuses, Davidson and East. When she got to East, she took the infamous Michael Graves, aka vanilla thunder's, class called Celluloid Visions and then the following year took his class called Big Screen, Little Screen. She participated the best short film ever, Tip School Musical, a very iconic movie so go watch it on youtube;))).


  • Davidson term one 2015 - Creative Writing
  • East term one 2016 - Celluloid Visions
  • East term one 2017 - Big Screen Little Screen
  • East term one 2018RAG -Philosphy in Literature and Film


  • Davidson term one 2015 - Izzy's RAG
  • East term one 2016 - Chioma's RAG
  • East term one 2017 - Caroline's Crocs
  • East term one 2018 - Asia’s Babes


Rory is world famous for starting #DAB and that is her greatest and only accomplishment of her life. All her friends @tfb love and cherish her dearly.

Iconic Moments of Rory Smith

  • Her stellar dancing in Fabulous in Tip School Musical
  • Playing the recorder during the fidget spinner act of East '17 talent show
  • Getting her phone taken by her TA multiple times for being Sandy's wingman (love you bunches;)))
  • aleut
  • Bringing her best friends cookies and chick-fil-a
  • Helping the Fourth year girls + Søren win tipsync through a dance contest
  • Always drinking la croix