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Billy Lockhart

Davidson Term 1 2015:

Where to begin? He was in Austin's RC group, and spent his free time playing guitar or some weird nerd game.

Though his face may have been considered attractive (he had fantastic abs) by some, Billy was somewhat of a narcissist. He was, mind you, a very good ultimate frisbee player. I mean that kid can jump. We think he asked Katie to dance at all three dances (he got rejected the second time according to popular belief).

Oh, but the anger. He was just an angry person. Billy was angry. He was kind of a control freak.

Duke East Term 2 2016:

Billy was a bit of a bit of a narcissist this year, but from what we've heard his anger has died down considerably. He was very attractive this year again, but he had a consistent relationTIP with Margaret Kirchner. Rumor has it that they spent several hours together in Billy's room over the course of the term. His ultimate frisbee skills weren't as highlighted because of the skill of the fourth years, but he and Dylan (best friend and Basy) were the two best second years. Even though they were both really good, Dylan edges him out overall. He and Dylan were almost never seen apart. He'll be a very valid candidate for either SOL or Gentleman next year, but no one knows for sure what will happen.

Duke East

William Morgan Lockhart was a god among men. That is all.