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Connor was an RC during Duke East Term 2 2017. Check out his pretty cool RC group- Connor's Commune (AKA Connor's Communist Card Players.) One day, a camper observed Connor's enthusiastic dance moves at TipSync during Duke East 2017. That camper was Jordan Freeman. Following the Talent Show, Jordan spotted the RC in the hallway. And after an interesting conversation with the bubbly Harvard student, Jordan was committed. She was going to "stan" Connor. Jordan would like to call out Connor for not making more Connor Fan Club buttons like he said he would. But come back next year, please.

Lead Members

List of Supplies

  • Connor Fan Club Lanyard Buttons (actually)
  • A Day in the Life of Connor (a film made by Fisher Boyd in Celluloid Visions)
  • A Calling to yell slay my life at Connor whenever he passes by.


Find "A Day in the Life of Connor" on YouTube! Also, Captain America is the second best.