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TIP Cults are phenomenon that go back to the beginning of TIP. The original TIP Cult is unknown, but there have been many other notable cults in TIP history. Many were created without the knowledge of previous cults, which really speaks to the, ermmm... "uniqueness(?)" of TIPsters.


The history of TIP cults cannot be accurately traced, as most TIP Cults were formed independently of the knowledge of other cults. However, there have been a few major cults, but a true history of TIP Cults is not possible. Regardless, here are some of the more interesting events in TIP cult history.

Cult Feuds

One of the hallmarks of cults are feuds with other cults or classes. There have been numerous examples,


MLS, or Modern Law Squad (alternatively known as the Radicus Cult) was the original TIP cult at Davidson 2016 Term 1. (Note: no one at Davidson was familiar with the concept with a TIP cult at the time, so all Davidson 2016 Term 2 cults were completely unique. Except MMS) After the debates with the Modern Law class and the Modern Med class, the Modern Med kids decided to rip off the MLS cult, so they decided to form the Modern Med Squad (MMS). The MMS tried to be as cool as the MLS, but they weren't. All TIPsters agree that MLS won the TIP Cult Feud.

Modern Med

The Modern Medicine class of Davidson 2016 Term 2, after interactions between Modern Law and Modern Med, decided to try and create a TIP cult. However, the consensus of TIP Cult Experts (the MLS) is that they failed. The Modern Med Squad (MMS) (yes, that's how badly they wanted to be like the MLS) is viewed as a MLS wanna-be.

Modern Law Squad

See: MLS

List of TIP Cults

The best known, most influential, and largest TIP cults are below.

Name Abbrevation Members (names) Members (number) Campus Year Term Goal/Practices Notes
Modern Law Squad MLS Radicus, Rachel, Samuel, Gabi, Alexis, Saraiya, Bryanna 7 Davidson 2016 2 "Worshiped" Radicus, created "Radicus, the Moving Visual Experience", aggressively played Down By The Banks, always failed at the Ruled Davidson 2016 Term 2, first Davidson 2016 Term 2 cult, and the only good one.
Modern Med Squad MMS unknown unknown, about 5-8 Davidson 2016 2 Goal: to try and be like the MLS (they failed) MLS Ripoff
Meese Cult n/a Abby Hollmann - co-president and founder

Lucas Coffman - co-president and founder Thomas Holder - co-president and founder Karen Seaver David Pitt Sarah Yaacoub Shia LaBeouf - actual cannibal Peyton Brooke Mads Mansfield - a new and "very important" member

10 Duke West 2015 2 Goal: worship Canadian meese (not sure on this one, they looked strange, see: Meese Cult)
Meese Cult 2 n/a Elizabeth (partial leader)

Lily Hannah Zoe Annie Zoi Paige Heather John Cena

9 Davidson 2016 1 Goal: worship Canadian meese (the proper plural of moose is moose, see: http://url2.cf/moosenotmeese) Weirdos
Suzyism n/a All of Trinity 2016 Term 1 Psychology class unknown, see names column. Trinity 2016 1 Goal: worship Suzy, the TA
The Sales Coalition of the Dishwasher of Souls n/a See The Dishwasher of Souls, "The Salesmen" 9 Salespeople known of Georgia Tech 2017 1 Provide sustenance to their deity, "The Dishwasher of Souls," exploit human flaws, recruit more Salesmen, establish a firm theo-economic foothold at Tech, and wherever else the Salesmen roamed. Insists itself to be a "Coalition," not a "Cult," although otherwise seemed fine with the moniker. Vaguely acknowledged by others. May or may not be the cause of the vague yet menacing and ever-looming threat of the "TIPocalypse."
Cult of Cornelius Christ n/a Chaz Bryant, Dave Johnson, Jesus unknown unknown ? A cult based on the worship of a crucified spider monkey. The cult was inspired when Kyle/Jesus, told Dave about a crucified barbie his sister had on the wall of her apartment. Upon hearing of this, Dave crucified his spider monkey Cornelius, and together the forged the cult. The cult, through offerings, raised the sum of $10 dollars, a small unidentified metal object, and 500,000 hours of free AOL trial disks
Cult of Call of Cthulhu n/a Harrison Huang, Rachel Roberie (Perhaps THE most enthusiastic of members), Lindy Caroll, Lydia Hanchett, Richard Millet, Adam, Michele Mandula, Nora Munger, Melissa Klein, Walker Argendeli, Morgan Grobin, Elana Feldman (Another one of the enthusiasts), Rodney Folz, Katie Cook, Josh Brown, Clay Shorey, Trevor Walker, Joe Sharp 18+ East (original) and West (biggest following) 2008 1 (East) and 2 (West) Created a call based on a short story. Cried "Call of Cthulu" and people around would respond with the chant
The Blue Tile Cult/The TEAILEE n/a Harper/Heather, Annie, Brooke, Vivian, Danielle, Adrea, Sam/Mas, Katie, Angela, Fisher, John, Rocco, Amanda, Maddie, Cecelia, Cooper, and Professor Stevens or The Sacred 15 17 Wake Forest 2016 2 Created to destroy conformity/worship conformity (nobody knows for sure). Worships the inner dragon (Bernie), Cthulhu, Smog, as well as the Blue Tile itself. Remains a tradition among the Speculative Fiction class, as members will always remember the blue square tattooed on their wrist with a sharpie. Possibly dead? Not quite sure.
Others n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Goal: be a cult There have been numerous reports of other cults (some of which can be found on the TIPWiki), however, exact names and numbers are either unavailable or unknown. If you know of others and their details, add them. You don't need more than one detail to add the cult, even if it is only a name of a member or the cult name. If you know the name of a member but not the cult name (or if the cult was unnamed, simply put "Cult@(Campus)T(Term#)" in the name slot, and unknown for all other columns.