The Blue Tile and the TEAILEE

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The Blue Tile and the TEAILEE The TEAILEE are a group of people who follow/worship the blue tile. The blue tile is a legitimate thing in the real world (unless the conformists have take over). It is located on the Wake Forest campus in Winston Salem, NC, USA. Specifically, the 2nd landing of the Tribble building if you are going up from the entrance level. This tile is a light blue, whereas every other tile around it is a depessing gray color. The 2nd term Speculative Fiction class of the 2016 summer TIP program discovered this tile, and have developed a cult around it. They believe that it represents non-conformity, so by following it, they agree not to conform. These class members are known as The Sacred 15. We don't know why, we did not call ourselves this. We were titled this specifically for the use of the page, I guess?The group name, TEAILEE, doubles as both the name of the blue tile and it's followers, and an acronym.

  • Tile
  • Engaging
  • Anti-conformists
  • Idealists
  • Living
  • Eternally
  • Everywhere

The Rituals of the TEAILEE The TEAILEE have 3 physical practices. 1- Stepping on the blue tile each time they pass it. Some think that they do this to absorb it's power, but others speculate that their group is completely ironic, as they stomp on the tile to try and conform it. However, no one is really sure. Even The Sacred 15 didn't completely understand why they did this.

2- Drawing blue squares on their wrists. They do this to signal to one another and everyone else that they are part of the TEAILEE group. This is about the only conformity they have among themselves, but it still makes the cult completely ironic.

3- They bump wrists in what they call a 'High Tile'. This action causes the blue tiles on their wrists to connect, and it functions just like a high five.

How to tell the TEAILEE apart from everyone else

  • As said before, look at their wrists. Most will have a blue square there
  • Sometimes they have one blue nail (but not usually, that wasn't really our style)
  • They can be seen raising their marked wrists quite often
  • They can be observed giving 'High-Tiles'
  • They are also frequently yelling. Mostly calling people in uniforms of other conformity 'Conformists.' (When the sacred fifteen were there, so was a camp of young children, all in uniform. They called these kids the children of the corn.)
  • These people are non-conformists, so they don't follow regular paths. They will often cut across the grass instead of taking the sidewalks, they scale small walls instead of going around them, they go up the hill instead of the stairs outdoors, etc.
  • If not in their normal places, they can be found crashing the debate classroom, their long standing rivals.(Spec-ies are better!!)

The Fall of the Blue Tile Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The TEAILEE lost most of its power after the end of Wake Forest Term 2, when the cult was completely severed apart. However, some of their members do keep in touch, but we no longer practice the blue tile traditions. It has become a dead meme.

In 2017 Wake Forest Term 2, Professor Stevens recreated the Blue Tile Cult, however the cult's traditions have changed slightly and therefore the members are not officially part of the canon cult.

Three members of the Blue Tile and the TEAILEE reconciled in the class Literary License Without Limits in Duke East Term 1. The three members were Sam, Brooke, and John. The three are now relic holders, Brooke having The Pastorship and Moonscream, Sam having the Wtaercolors Frisbee, and John having the Dream Team Frisbee.

Follow the blue tile to keep up with the vigilante antics:

Instagram: _the_blue_tile_

Join Us. Start the group of TEAILEEs at your state!