Cult of Call of Cthulhu

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Call of Cthulhu, written by H.P. Lovecraft, is a short story. It inspired several other series of short stories revolving around this mythical beast, Cthulhu, the priest of the Elder Gods who waits dreaming in his stone vault house in the house of R'lyeh. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. This is the chant of the cultists in the story. Cthulhu is known for being so inhumane, that the knowledge of his existence, his cult, and his world would expose people to such insanity that they just might lose their minds. Cthulhu himself is described as a scaly, yet rubbery, monstrously large being with the head of a squid. The body is that of a dragon, with great large claws and wings that bend back instead of spanning outward. The wings have been comapred to huge bat wings. He has a tail, too.

As a joke, the TIPster (Otherwise known as , the meowing kid, the kid with the outrageous laugh, the fingerknitting Chinese kid with amazing hair...) created "The Call of Cthulhu". It was a noise and a motion that was made to make fun of the name of the short story, and Cthulhu himself. To make this call...

  • 1. Place your wrists on both sides of your mouth, so that you fingers point away from your face.
  • 2. Wiggle your fingers like tentacles rapidly with good span of motion.
  • 3. As you wiggle your fingers, pronounce quickly and with a slightly higher pitch than normal "LWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHOLWHO".

Harrison first shared this idea at TIP East 1 2008 with random people, including his RC Alexander Schmitt. His RAG was named after the idea, "Cool-thulu and the gang". A small group of people, including Joe Sharp, Alexander Schmitt, and Richard Miller, would perform the call of Cthulhu when one shouted out "CALL OF CTHULHU!"

The cult truly began when Harrison traveled to West 2, 2008 at TIP at the same year. Inspired to spread the call that he created and all of its joy, he shared it with fellow West 2 2008 TIPsters. It was a success, as by the second week one could easily run out to a crowd shouting "CALL OF CTHULHU" and have at least five+ people respond with the call. His roommate, Daniel Wang, suffered greatly.


Members include (I can't include everyone because I can't recall last names or every member's name.) (All of which were at West, but the above people mentioned from East SHOULD have been in this cult)