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The Blob. Is forever. Run, don't walk, from THE BLOB!


Started at Duke West Term II 2009, this group of people gravitated toward the Sigma Nu bench in Kilgo Quad. During Quadfest, most of them were part of the Red(iculous) Team. Also (in)famous for possibly having the most attractive females on Cross Dressing Day. The Blob could often be heard singing Disney or Phantom of the Opera songs. Other locations for meeting included the P3 common room and M/N 2nd floor nook, but only because the weather outside was being cruel.


Some members' legitimacy is disputed, for they didn't chill that much on the bench. Due to lack of anyone caring, this list includes those who were friends with many of the members.

Fourth Years

Third Years

  • Alex Kumbar
  • Crysta T.
  • Emily F.
  • Genevieve B.
  • Jamie S.
  • Jeanne Q.
  • Josh B.
  • Mary Katherine K.
  • Kelsey F.
  • Nicole N.
  • Rachel R.
  • Zadia D.

Second Years

Most second years were rather lame. Thus, few existed in the Blob.

  • Cole
  • Squirrel Boy

Inside Jokes

  • I forgot I was at nerd camp ... and then I remembered.
  • Fetus.
  • Hehe: Tickle-gasm
  • Kyle and Jeanne plus 16
  • Telephone Pictionary
    • It's over gooo = ITS OVER 9000
    • Jewish people shoot Christmas trees
    • A woman gives birth as her husband and lesbian lover look on
    • Squiggle multiplied by a dead woman's head
    • Happy smiley dictionaries go quack = Mushroom, banana, snail.
    • See gallery. Pictures being added, more or less.
  • Coordination test.
  • NC definitions of rape and orgy.
  • Clapping.
  • Where's Nebraska? Just off the coast of your mom!
  • Dzwonkowski Mating Ritual
  • 4people1chair

Spontaneous Dance

Sometime during the last week, a dance was held in M/N 2nd floor nook. iPod speakers were provided (Crysta's) and many members of the Blob participated. At 9:50 It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) was played and everyone would have participated in running in a circle had Amber, an RC for many of the female blob members, not intervened. Instead all participants lined up and walked around the room (an impressive feat given that the size of the room was about that of a regular dorm room, if not smaller).

The Dzwonkowskis and the Kidwangermans

Long ago, there live a young lad by the name of Kyle Dzwonkowski. This young lad grew up to be a not quite as young lad who was a "nerd". This little "nerd" went to a gathering of other "nerds" and befriended several of the people there. Some of these people he had known before, others he had just met for the first time. Still, they spent the next two and a half weeks growing closer as a group. As time went on, this lad developed a complicated ritual, which he had previously performed but not as well, that he used to "mate". The only thing that was wrong here was that mating for the lad was partial mind control for the others. As he spent more time with the others, they grew to be fond of him and eventually, the ritual was a success and each of his friends fell into the Dzwonkowski Clan.

Another group, feminine in nature, dwelled at this same "nerd" gathering. These ladies, by the names of Audrey, Nora, Elana, and Joyce, had known each other for the previous two to three years. They were extremely close, much closer than any others at the gathering, and thus formed an unbreakable bond. even the power of the Dzwonkowski "mating" ritual was not strong enough to break this bond. These ladies formed a union, known today as the Kidwangerman Union, officially marrying each other during Wonderwall at the last dance.

Those who succumbed to the power of the Dzwonkowski ritual include, but are not limited to, the following: Trevor Barr W., David A., Crysta T., Patrick S., Gigi B., Jamie S., Rachel R., and Gray S., Zadia D., and Hannah R..

Those who evaded the ritual's effects and formed the Kidwangerman Union include the following: Audrey Kidwell, Nora Munger, Elana Feldman, and Joyce Wang.

While being two seperate groups of "nerds", all of the people mentioned to form close ties that will last through the ages. The colossal group that these two smaller groups formed, along with several others who were close in friendship with the previously mentioned, became known as The Blob.

Thanks goes out to Walker Argendeli. He was the guy who first made the "mating" ritual known to several of the Dzwonkowskis before they fell to the young lad. It is slightly due to him that so many have fallen into the Dzwonkowski clan.