Patrick Sullivan

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Patrick Sullivan
Campus(es) Duke West
Attended 2008, 2009
Course(s) Robotics, Genetics
RAG(s) Mitch's, Andrew's
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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Patrick Sullivan is a rising Junior for the 2009-2010 school year at Beechwood High School, in Fort Mitchell, KY. He was an outstanding figure at the Duke West Campus Term II for the years 2008 and 2009. He was widely known for his amazingly good looks (see Picture), and his charming personality.


Patrick might be what is known as a social outcast his first year, knowing almost everybody, but interacting with not many people outside his class and RC Group. Even through this he was reported to say that this was possibly the most fun he had had for a few years. This all changed as he went into his fourth year. He was a member of the most prestigious student organization at west II The Blob, and was able to get to know almost everybody, though his skills at social communication nowhere near matched those of Walker.

Interesting facts

  • He managed to break his glasses on the first real day during the Soccer evening activity in 2009
  • He is forever immortalized as the Punctuation Mark in the 4th year skit 10 people in a line
  • He was the first 'U' in 'Rediculous', the Red team's name for Quadfest in 2009
  • He wore the same Hawaiian Shirt to all the dances, along with Alex
  • He was a background singer in the talent show for the smash hit "The PCR Song" (found at [[1]])

Term History

Year TiPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC
2008 3rd Duke West II Robotics Kilgo N Mitch
2009 4th Duke West II Genetics Kilgo P Andrew