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Ryan was a first year who attended term one at Davidson in 2014. He was known, along with his cult (The Cult of Davidson) for canoodling in the basement lounge of Belk residential hall. These people involved in the cult included: Ani, Remy, Elizabeth, Olivia, Alli, Liz, Jessie, Daniela, and Nia. Others who were members at one time or another were: Mary Beth, Rohaan, and possibly Satan himself.

It should be known that Ryan was in two relationships during his time at Davidson, one with Elizabeth, and one with Ani. Ani and him have been continuing to keep in touch (according to top secret sources), and they were quite possibly the cutest relationship of all of camp. Some sources say he and Ani kissed, but that rumor cannot be confirmed or denied. (** Nia can confirm this **)

He was quite infamously known, by the entire campus, as a crazy hoarder of buttons. Over the course of three weeks, he collected over 90 buttons (A Duke Tip record). Many succumbed to his wrath and surrendered their buttons to him, but others refused to give him theirs. One source stated a bunch of kids didn't wear their buttons in fear of Ryan stealing them. Multiple sources have confirmed Ryan had a meltdown when someone took his buttons. It's said that one day he went to every dorm room and asked the residents for buttons. It should also be noted that many RCs were jealous of Ryan's button collecting skills, as even the RCs could not collect as many buttons as Ryan

His favorite RCs were (as noted by his friends) RC Quinten (for being his father during his time at Duke Tip), and RC Ada (for being his mother during his time at Duke Tip).

Sidenote: At school, Ryan has heavily denied the existence of the Cult of Davidson and its members. Whether this is due it short-term memory or intense denial is unknown.