The Cult of Davidson

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The Cult of Davidson

The Cult of Davidson was a group of kids at Davidson during term one of 2014. The cult's leaders were Ryan and Alli. They required all new initiates to form a triangle around their eyes, while lying on the ground, while repeating the phrase "hail Satan." (Illuminati much?)The leaders mainly used this initiation to scare off unwanted members of their cult, as only the original members were the true members. They consisted of:

-Ryan -Alli -Olivia -Elizabeth -Ani -Nia -Jessie -Liz -Remy

Other possible members were Rohaan, Mary Beth, and perhaps Satan himself. They often hung out in the basement lounge of Belk and were infamously known for canoodling aka. spooning. The group of friends quite possibly formed the strongest friendships that Duke Tip has and will ever see. Their rituals and legacy will haunt the Davidson campus forever.

Four couples were produced in their time: Ryan and Ani, Remy and Elizabeth, Ryan ad Elizabeth, and Remy and Elizabeth, and many RCs wondered if a switch took place (not how they meant it, but true).

It should also be noted that the group sometimes used the hashtag #ourcultisbetterthanyours for Instagram pictures and things of the sort. (Which is absolutely true.)

Reunions will be planned throughout the year, and a set reunion will be at Duke East Term 1 next year.

(This is all an inside joke and is not real/serious at all. Please do not become offended, scared, or take action against us becuase of this. Again, not real, just joking. We would never be in an actual satanic cult because half of us have religions that are against the devil. This is only here to provide a laugh and to document a memory of our time together.)

(Ryan, you are the spawn of Satan. This cannot be denied.)