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Canoodling is the term for spooning at the Davidson location of TIP. It is something that is not allowed by the RCs. It is the form of physical contact with a partner of the other sex. RCs find it "not TIProppriate". Most of the time, they make fun of TIPsters who they spot canoodling and take snapchats of them and show all the other RCs what they re doing. Canoodling is a very common occurrence in the basement floor of Belk at Davidson. Ada is usually the one on canoodle watch. That basically means she sits in the lounge and repeats the phrase "keep your hands to yourself". Canoodling usually consists of two TIPsters holding hands or making out. It can involve first, second, or even sometimes (rarely) third base or home. Usually seen at the basement lounge, room 203, and other secret locations. To all Davidson TIPsters trying to find a good spot to canoodle, please visit:


  • The basement (duh)
  • Any of the lounges (be careful for RC patrols)
  • The "sex box" in every room (for when canoodling just isn't enough)
  • The student union during campus-wide movies (dark and intimate)
  • The Ice Machine

See also: Secret Sex Locations Known Canoodlers:

-Elizabeth -Ryan -Remy -Ani -Any other TIPster that spends 99.9% of their time in the Belk basement hall lounge (cough cough* Liz, Alli, Olivia, Nia)

Tips For Canoodling

  • Always be sure to have an excuse if you are caught
  • On the last day, the RCs will squirt you with water guns if you are caught kissing and/or canoodling (many have experienced this first-hand)
  • Good times for canoodling are during any of the free time
  • The best location for canoodling is the basement lounge

P.S. All term two people at Davidson, this guide will be golden for you. Be sure to thank The Cult of Davidson. P.P.S. (is that even how you do it?) Ada I hope you like the changes I made to the page! -Ryan