Dear Second Term Tipsters

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This is a letter from James from Term 1 at Davidson in 2018. It is addressed to all of you Davidson Term 2 2018 TIPsters. I write this as a word of advice, a wish of good luck, a reminder of all the good times to come and those that we remember because they have passed. Here’s what I want to say.

What I Want to Say

  • It makes us so sad yet so happy to know that you have succeeded us. We have used your keys, slept in your rooms, hung out in your lounges, been with your RCs, done your activities, had our phones in your phone jail, and done everything else you do, but it’s just not the same. TiP is a culture that you get to make. Create your own jokes. Every small thing will be a big thing you cry laughing over later. Trust me, after TIP, you might even cry crying thinking of all this. Don’t let anything or anyone ruin a good laugh, because a laugh at TIP is a damn good laugh. My peers will back me up.
  • Never be serious. No one likes a TIPster with any common sense. Do the stupidest shit possible as long as your estimates say that you won’t get in trouble. Your estimates can be wildly inaccurate. Even though we all know that you are insane, just make sure you aren’t believed to actually be insane. That kinda happened to me, and it SUCKED. Really, really sucked. Anyways, just do whatever. Rule-breaking is certainly tolerated on the last night. But don’t save all of it for then. Do it whenever. Have fun!
  • Pay attention in class. Class material makes great jokes. Also, treasure your computer lab time. You can just do whatever for half the time, especially in Con Law, got you don’t get that. Mock Trial, you will never have the pleasure of an appellate brief worth of work well done. Or maybe you will, I don’t care.
  • Mandatory fun (evening activities) can actually be fun sometimes. Remember, it’s not just about TIP Babies. You’re all first and second years, are you really gonna have sex? Nonetheless, check out the page Secret Sex Locations, but make sure the RCs don’t.
  • Edit TIP Wiki. Please. Chronicle your existences at TIP.
  • Cheerwine is your new favorite drink. Just please, do not drink too much, or you will be out of it entirely. It happened in our first week, and it will plague you, too. Also, the fries are soggy bits of sadness. Don’t even eat them unless you want depression. It can be cured by excessive Cheerwine, because whoever invented Cheerwine was very cheery, but not “wine-y.” Ha-ha. No.
  • Mine Diamonds. ‘Nuff said.
  • Enjoy every RelationTIP, even if you aren’t in one. Love is a beautiful thing, even if it emerges from a lengthy series debates over the shape of the celestial body upon which we exist. It’s obviously a fucking pancake, and Australia isn’t real. Remember.
  • If you’re gay, you’re lucky. If you’re gay and in psych, you’re even luckier. But anyways, TIP is one of the best places to be gay. As a raging bisexual, I will assure you that only about 10 people will be actual homophobes. It’s absolute bliss. Just come out to anyone and you’ll be accepted within 1 millisecond. Homophobes are some of the rare life forms with less common sense than a TIPster. Just remember that, and life will be great for you, a wonderful, perfect, and valid queer guy, gal, or nonbinary pal. I love you.
  • TIPpropriateness rarely really matters, but you will simultaneously love and hate the word “TIPpropriate.” It’ll be a joke.
  • Treasure everything, even the bad, because the bad will be good later.
  • The end of TIP will be sad. Spoiler alert.
  • Finally, be yourself. It’s that simple. When you’re yourself, you’re yourself. TIP is about being who you can’t be when the jocks or the mean girls are around to shit on you and your reputation. No one will call you “freak” or “fag” or “nerd” or “loser” or whatever they call you back at home. We respect one another, and if you don’t, you do not belong at TIP. You will come to love everyone here equally with all your heart. You are not a loser. You. Are. Loved. At. TIP.


Have fun at TIP,

-James Ballowe III

Thanks James, we did,

-Andrew Goad

Found you little bro

-Abby Goad