Great Pegram Bathroom Party

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Pegram Bathroom parties are probably the most fun parties one can find at TIP Also, the girls of Pegram usually have nightly meetings in the bathrooms as recorded at Term 1 2005.

term 2 1996-1999, started by Chappy Chapman (who was known for riding on a hobby horse), RJ Leland, Phil Wharton, Geoff Geis with help from Andrew. It started 1996 term 1 and switched over to term 2? It was a party with drinks, pizza, and everything with admission charges. The Bungholes were one of the featured bands (including Geoff Geis). It was held in a 3rd floor Pegram bathroom, of course, and in its final years made profits, which were donated to worthy causes.

The Great Pegram Bathroom Party started, I believe, my 3rd year. Or maybe my fourth year. I think Geoff Geis was involved, and possibily Daniel Chapman (Chappy). Wait, if Geoff was involved it must have been my fourth year, because he came to east his second year, which was my fourth - '97... oh well. Anyway, I think most of the fourth years at the time though it was the stupidest idea, mostly because we had some very important making out to be doing instead, but it caught on I guess.
This article is almost correct but not entirely. Karen is right that it started her third year - in 1996. I came to East my first year, which was 96. I have a really murky memory about who actually came up with the idea of having the party, but it was either me or our friend Walt. Chappy and RJ were both involved, but Philip Wharton didn't come to East until 97 so he was not involved until the second year. The Bungholes played the second year with a guy named Ian on guitar (Philip on drums and Matt Joyner on vocals); I didn't join the band until their third incarnation in 1998 - my third year. That year there was also a performance by a band that called themselves The Other Band. The fourth year I played some of my singer/songwriter stuff with help from John Lejuene and Lanier Sammons, and instructor Anu Kirk (20th Century Music) performed some of his songs. Yes, most of the 4th years thought that it was a dumb idea and the first party kind of sucked. We only had one bathroom and RJ played maybe 2 songs on guitar and the rest of the entertainment was just a dumb stereo playing a blur cd. but it got a lot better the 2nd year and was a qualified hit the 3rd and 4th. Oh, and it didn't start at term 1 and switch over to term 2. I was term 2 all four years. And the charities were - 2nd year: $60 earned to replace damages to personal property caused by the party. 3rd year: $120 or so for the Raleigh chapter of Food Not Bombs. 4th year: about $350 to found the Temple, Texas branch of Amnesty International.
—Geoff Geis
With the lore of the Great Pegram Bathroom Party being respected, I must add in the two bathroom parties I started. The first was after the last dance at East 1 2005. The infamous Caitlin Halloran and I had taken off our shoes and danced, and our feet were, therefore, disgustingly booshed. Plans were made to meet in the bathroom on our hall (3rd floor Pegram, and we were the only girls RAG on the 3rd floor) at 12:30. We did, and, though the original plan was to wash our feet, we proceeded to use soap to create large amounts of foam, which we then threw. Everywhere. Things were going peachily until we decided to shower (after cleaning up the foam from the mirror, etc.), and were subsequently caught by Alfredo, 3rd floor , around 2 AM. Alfredo got Hilary (2nd floor ), who busted in asking if there were boys there, and then told us that we were in huge trouble. We ended up not actually being in trouble, seeing as the next night was the last night, and simply not worth it, but we were the subject of great amounts of RA gossip, and the line "So, if, HYPOTHETICALLY, two girls were in the bathroom at 2 AM..."

The other bathroom party was East 1 2006, and was actually held in memorium of the aforementioned, seeing as Caitlin was unable to attend TIP. The situation was a tad bit different though - activities had been rained out, and since there was lightning, no one was allowed outside. Some had taken a group to see movies somewhere, but the majority of us were confined in the dorm. Seven of us (I think it was seven...) decided that we wanted to remember Caitlin and do something besides sit in the dorms, so we gathered music and shed clothing for a bathroom party on the 3rd floor of Alspaugh. Numerous pictures were taken, some of which almost got us in trouble with Jayme, a 3rd floor , but seeing as we TECHNICALLY weren't breaking any rules, all we got was a few shakes of the head and a "... Guys.... Guys.... C'mon.... Guys."


This could also refer to Term 1, 2008, when four first-floor pegramite boys became stuck in a bathroom when the lock jammed the night of the .