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(n) -- one who lives in Pegram.

"Pegramite" (singular form) is the term used to describe an inhabitant of Pegram on East Campus, who were traditionally 1st years students when Duke East housed all of TIP. The term was used as far back as 1987 to describe the first year residents, presumably because of their small stature and lack of TIP knowledge.

Later the term continued to be used for Pegram residents after 1st years were moved to Davidson. In 2003, Pegram was closed for renovation, and 2nd Years were housed in Alspaugh, along with a number of 3rd years. This caused some grumblings, as there were 2nd Years housed in Brown, the traditional 3rd year dorm during, at least term II. While the 2nd Years were housed in Alspaugh, the term "Pegramite" was used by some 3rd Years housed with them to refer to their younger dorm-mates.

In recent years, Pegram has been reserved mainly for use when other dorms are closed for renovation, leaving Pegramites far less common than Alspaughn, Brownies, or Bassett Hounds.

In 2008, Brown, the traditional third year dorm, was closed for renovations and 3rd Years were put in Pegram, alongside some pesky 2nd-Years that spilled over from Alspaugh.

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