The Carpet Spot

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On the boys' hallway on the second floor of Giles dorm, there is a Spot on the Carpet which is similar to putty. The spot is near the water fountain, just outside of the doorway closest to the stairs.

In the middle of Term II, '06, two members of Andrew's RAG stole cheap, fake silly putty made by Brian Pogioli of Andrew's RAG at the Mandatory Fun activity. They then proceeded to hurl it back and forth at each other in an attempt to cause pain and suffering. Then someone missed and it landed on the ground and the other person mistakenly stepped on it, flattening it and pressing it into the carpet, leaving a dark blue textured spot (inconspicuous on the dark blue carpet). One day, Brian got sick of it and decided he wanted remove it. He brought out a box of laundry detergent (with color-safe bleach; although, many people did not notice the "with color-safe" part and thought he was using pure bleach) which he had planned to use for laundry and, using a lot of water, attempted to get rid of the spot. Unfortunately, this was also the day that Soorya Avali launched The Water Fight of Doom and, while Brian did get people to pour water on the spot, unfortunately he ended up quite soggy himself. He abandoned his post near the spot and, as the carpet dried, the surrounding area remained that mossy bluish whatever colour while the spot turned light blue...Tarheel blue. B. Duke would kill.

For more information on the perpetrators of the Spot, see Giles or Candy Wars.