Candy Wars

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A glorious epic battle of melted, sealed candy bars that pitted RAG against RAG, rivaling even the infamous RA-sponsored Broom Handle Fencing Match that got Tip locked maintenance closets and almost several lost jobs. (Alspaugh, Term 1 2005) The combatants for good were Alethia of the kingdom of Mitchsroom; Maximus the Magnificent German Speaker; Grace, Quester for the Holy Duckie; Cailey the Valiant Lover of Arms; Alyssa the Medicated Were-Hair; and Rhett NotButler of the city of Gertrude. The combatants for Evil were Brian Hitler of Italy; NotRobert of the kingdom of Robertsroom; Soorya the Air Conditioning Seal; Little Mushroomhead the Invisible; Ben the Full-Sized; and Prithvi, known to enemies and friends as 'Smiler'. The battle continued for almost an hour down Andrew's second floor hall, drawing participants and spectators alike. The war got fiercer and fiercer, almost resulting in castrations and amputations. The shouts and pain grew worse, but all fell silent under the might of Rebekah the Punctual, the Giles RHL, and her deafening cry of 'Someone's going to lose an eye! What did I tell you about hall sports?" and another glorious TIP activity died a tragic, bruised death.

For more about the combatants within the War of the Candy, see Giles.